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    Top 3 Artists Who Have Recently Changed Their Stage Names And Why

    Artists, especially hip-hop artists artists are adopting new names to adjust to today nicknames, usually given by family and friends could start with Lil’ or Big. But what happens when the artist evolves over the course of their music careers?

    It is not so uncommon for artists, mainly hip-hop artists, to change their names; for example, YBN Cordae and Big Latto.

    Here are 5 artists Who Have Changed Their Names and Why:

    1. Cordae Amari Dunston

    YBN Cordae, born August 26, 1997 falls under the sun sign Virgo. Virgos are mysterious go-getters who are always conscious of self-awareness. According to Complex, the former YBN Crew member announces his name change and new journey.

    The rapper is a former gamer who turned rapper alongside two other bandmates, YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay.YBN Nahmir swiftly responded.

    YBN is an acronym for, young boss n*ggas. A week prior to the name change, founding member took to Twitter to announce his disgrace.

    “They left this YBN sh*t in the gutter. Remember that, I’ll turn it up myself.”

    The rapper will further his journey with the name, Cordae.

    2. Alyssa Michele Stephens

    Better known as Mulatto, the Atlanta born lyricist is a biracial rapper born on December 22, 1998. She falls under the sun sign Capricorn. Capricorns are about perfection, and so is Mulatto.

    Not many artists can just jump on a mic and make it do what it do, but Stephens surely can. Consequently, fans scorned the artist for using the stage name, ‘Mulatto’ according to Distractify. Fans connect the name to a slave era where Mulatto means biracial.

    Mulatto changes her name to Latto, continuing to kill MC’s over beats.

    3. Tate Sequoya Farris

    TikTok explosive Yung Baby Tate prides her empire around the power of manifestations. The Gen-Z sensation is swiftly moving her way further to the top. According to Rolling Stone, the budding artist is changing her name, not for controversial reasons, however.

    “I am healthy, wealthy, and confident.”” A mantra that the star manifests over social media. Her spiritual awareness attracts as more and more people are becoming aware of ‘self’.

    Born May 13, 1996, Tate falls under the sun sign Taurus. Tauruses are surely grounded and stable, she precisely demonstrates this. Her single, “I Am” lands Breakthrough 25 Chart at No. 11. She posted a picture of her tugging her pigtails in a powder blue sweater with fur on Instagram for the announcement.

    “New name, new label, new song drops Friday October 29′” according to UPROXX.


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    Yung Baby Tate is now Baby Tate.

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