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    Man Raises Baby Turtle with Exposed Heart, Names Her Hope

    In the heart of New Jersey, there is an inspiring story that speaks volumes about resilience and selflessness. Say hello to Hope, the albino pink belly turtle; she is not your ordinary turtle, but she has her heart still beating on the outside of her shell – a condition that has not yet received a name due to its rarity.

    Hope’s story began in 2018 when Mike Aquilina, better known as @aquamike23 on Instagram, came across the tiny helpless creature no bigger than a quarter. The sight of its heart beating froze him in awe, and he was compelled to let this little one figure her way through life.

    Mike would like to personally grant everyone Hope. He certainly won’t be able to do that, but he can send you in the right direction. The turtle was given to a US turtle breeder, Mike’s friend Gerard. Hope is actively sharing with the world on Instagram with thousands of followers.

    Caring for Hope was very difficult. Mike took care of her, protecting her from the filth and supporting the cleanliness of the dwelling. Mike transformed into a guardian, ensuring her environment was pristine and free of hazards. He meticulously fed her with tongs, navigating her vision challenges and safeguarding her delicate heart from bacteria.

    Under Mike’s tender loving care, Hope thrived. In a year and a half, she had developed immensely, displaying a playful and curious demeanor that brightened up with Mike’s sight. Her feeding and watching have been sponsored by ZooMed Laboratories.

    As for now, surgery for Hope seems unattainable, and it was not necessary because her well-being has not been late to affect her health. Mike still keeps her progress, showing how Hope has evolved from a weak hatchling into a strong turtle.

    No one knows what the future holds, but Hope’s condition has not affected her energy. Through the dedication and love of Mike, his fighting spirit has enabled a tiny creature to go to the distance.

    But the journey of Hope and Mike extends beyond taking care of an animal; it is a story of love and the importance of life in all sizes. It is also a story that shows the connection between humans and nature and their strength as small creatures.

    It’s more than just a turtle; she comes with much more meaning, of the hardships we can overcome with just the smallest amount of dedication,” he said.

    Hope’s example is indeed a lesson, not only in terms of survival, but also because she not only survived but also had fantastic success in the face of adversity. All who have heard her story know that a little love and dedication can work miracles and how precious life really is.

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