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    Decoding Eminem, Big Sean & BabyTron’s Viral Collab (1.6M Day-One Streams)

    Eminem is back, and this time, he’s got company. “Tobey” is the latest single from the rapper’s forthcoming album, “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce),” that blew up upon its release as it racked up 1.6 million streams on its first day. This track details what ‘collaboration’ and the lingering effect of Detroit’s rap scene truly look like with guests Big Sean and BabyTron.

    The title of the song, “Tobey,” refers to Tobey Maguire, who is an actor for Spider-Man. In “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Maguire’s Spiderman saw him get mentorship over some of the younger and other selves; Eminem does the same for Big Sean and BabyTron in this. That makes the parallel so interesting—it goes on to underline the relationship with mentorship and the passing of the torch between them within the rap community.

    The Lyrics: A Universe of Wordplay


    The intro features BabyTron and Big Sean, who set the tone with a mix of casual profanity and a confident, playful vibe. The use of the word “boy” gives a sense of camaraderie and youthfulness, which is common in hip-hop culture.

    Chorus (BabyTron)

    "Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see me, it was a goat": This line is, in a sense, an ad-lib to the famous story of Tobey Maguire becoming Spider-Man from the infamous spider bite, but BabyTron hilariously says that he got "bitten" by a goat, symbolizing G.O.A.T.—Greatest Of All Time.
    "If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke.": This is a diss—what if someone took off his safety gear in a hostile environment to die?
    "Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke.": This line speaks of continuous awareness and wakefulness, even when one is resting; it plays with the idea of being "woke" in many senses, socially speaking and intellectually.
    "White Cartiers—all I'm seein' is dope." These luxury Cartier glasses mean success and money; "dope" here stands for something very lovely or high standard.
    "My city's Leia, and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass; I just might be the hope.": Here, he likens his city to Princess Leia while comparing himself to Obi-Wan Kenobi in this Star Wars reference.

    Verse 1 BabyTron

    "No español, I'm allergic to red and legally blind, all I'm seein' is 'go'": Humor rows single-minded focus on progress and success (green lights).
    "D to the A, there and back, if we ride with the Drac', can't smoke from the T to the O": He's moving around from Detroit to Atlanta with a "Drac'" on him, and he ain't having no fools.
    "'Granny told me, 'Boy you reap what you sow'": A saying regarding the fruits of your labor.
    "Up in my Tesla, I'm rollin' up 'Ishers, pull up to Valero think I should quit smokin'": Said to be inside a Tesla, smoking weed, and thinking of quitting at a gas station.
    "'All this drip, think I am below sea level, cut your wrist off with that weak bezel': He refers to his stylish clothes and jewelry here, saying others' attempts are weak in comparison.". Ride around with the Iron Giant, make them eat metal —, a reference to the character in this animated movie, the Iron Giant, symbolizes something like being very powerful or, more literally intended, a weapon or a presence.

    Interlude (Big Sean)

    Big Sean’s interlude is short, providing that extra layer of hype and energy before the verse kicks in and sets it up with a tone shift.

    Verse 2 Big Sean

    "They wanna bleed me, lead me to act as they need me, but fuck it, I do it alone": Describes people who want to take advantage of him, but he remains independent.
    "She wanna touch me and rub me and go back to hubby—he probably could smell my cologne.": Entails infidelity and the result following an affair.
    "Don't need no promoter, we pull up, they know us, I'm the Ayatollah snatching your controller.": He claims his dominance in the music world without needing promotion.
    "Met you in person, you so different, I ain't tryna hear you for a whole minute": Describes the contradiction between someone's public persona and their real self.
    "Bitch, I'm from the D, where they BMFing, where they are moving their keys like a chord progression": Very potent is the reference to Detroit and one of the most popular drug trafficking organizations, the Black Mafia Family; this is coupled with a brilliant wordplay on theaters "keys.".

    Verse 3 Eminem

    "Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, me? Must've got bit by a goat": Echoes the chorus with a humorous twist in claiming his greatness.
    "I used to dream as a kid I would grow to be one, I hope that I inspire hope for you to go get what you desire most": Eminem sums up his childhood dreams and aspirations; from there, he hopes to inspire others to go for the things that matter most in their lives.
    "Now my estates in the buildin', and bitch, I did slept on more floors than the Empire State ('Pire State) Building": Wordplay with "estates," both property and status and his past struggles, sleeping on floors.
    "Ain't feelin' your top five favorite rappers, so I know they 'bout to be pissed at me": Eminem claims he is better than other rappers.
    "But this, to me, is a mystery how rappers I've already ripped could be higher up on a list than me": Expresses disbelief at being ranked lower than rappers he's outperformed.
    "Melle Mel shouldn't get no reply, that man is a legend, bitch, so am I": A controversial statement about not responding to Melle Mel, a hip-hop pioneer, asserting his own legendary status.
    "I've been knocked down so many times, can't count, sometimes, shit does not pan out": Reflects on his resilience and the challenges he's faced.
    "Jon Manziel, odd man out, but heavyweight, word to Scott Van Pelt": Compares himself to the controversial football player Johnny Manziel, but asserts his heavyweight status in the industry.

    Eminem, Big Sean, and BabyTron show off their lyrical prowess on “Tobey,” dressing it with pop culture references and deft wordplay. Lines like BabyTron’s,

    “Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat,”

    lightly adapt the origin story of Spider-Man: instead of the spider, it was a “goat,” as in the acronym standing for greatness. He also alludes to “Star Wars,” with BabyTron putting himself about Obi-Wan Kenobi and subtly indicating that he is on a mission and probably the last hope of his city.

    Tobey” is, at its core, a song of transformation and triumph. Lyrically, the song captures what the artists have gone through in their journeys to hit stardom. Eminem shares his struggle, admitting,

    “I used to dream as a kid I would grow to be one; I hope that I inspire hope for you to go get what you desire most.”

    This theme connects with listeners because greatness can even be achieved when every odd is against them.

    Each rapper adds their own unique style to the track. BabyTron’s witty lines, Big Sean’s confident delivery, and Eminem’s intricate wordplay all shine through. Notable verses include Big Sean’s,

    “They wanna bleed me and lead me to act like they need me, but fuck it, I do it alone,”

    highlighting his independence and resilience. Eminem’s reflective lines, such as “Jon Manziel, odd man out, but heavyweight, word to Scott Van Pelt,” showcase his ability to blend humor with serious undertones.

    The music video, directed by Cole Bennett, drops on July 5. Expect mind-bending visuals and a dash of Bennett’s signature flair. Social media is buzzing—everyone’s waiting to see how Bennett brings “Tobey” to life.

    Eminem, Big Sean, and BabyTron have crafted a hit that resonates on multiple levels. “Tobey” is a masterful blend of clever wordplay, pop culture references, and meaningful themes. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring legacy of Detroit’s rap scene. As the song continues to dominate streaming platforms, it’s clear that this trio has created a track that will inspire and influence hip-hop culture for years to come.


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