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    Eminem’s New Album Tracklist Accidentally Posted by Apple

    A screenshot from the Apple Music app, shared yesterday, July 6, by X user @SyrianAlmond, shows the tracklist of Eminem’s upcoming album on the platform while it was speedily pulled, the damage had been done—eagle-eyed fans had already captured screenshots. The super speed at which these screenshots traveled on social media sent chills down the spines of music lovers in a massive frenzy of excitement and speculation.

    Eminem’s New Album Tracklist Breakdown

    The leaked tracklist for “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)” reveals a mix of solo tracks and collaborations, hinting at a diverse and dynamic album. Here’s a detailed look at each track:

    1. “Renaissance”
    2. “Habits” ft. White Gold
    3. “Trouble”
    4. “Brand New Dance”
    5. “Evil”
    6. “All You Got (skit)”
    7. “Lucifer” ft. Sly Pyper
    8. “Antichrist” ft. Bizarre
    9. “Fuel” ft. JID
    10. “Road Rage”
    11. “Houdini”
    12. “Breaking News (skit)”
    13. “Guilty Conscience 2”
    14. “Head Honcho” ft. EZ Mil
    15. “Temporary” ft. Skylar Grey
    16. “Bad One” ft. White Gold
    17. “Tobey”
    18. “Guess Who’s Back (skit)”
    19. “Somebody Save Me” ft. Jelly Roll

    The album hosts a very diverse guest list, setting the tone for Eminem’s ability to diversify his style along with artists of many other genres. Artists like Jelly Roll, JID, and Skylar Grey suggest a mix of introspective and ambitious themes on the album, while songs such as “Trouble” hint at socially disturbed alter ego which is slim shady.

    There is also a skit containing Steve Berman, which salutes the grand tradition of comic interludes within Eminem albums. The whole situation is light in nature, off-setting the heavy content of the album.

    The leak of “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)” only adds to the hype leading up to Eminem’s new album. Based on what is learned from it, this is already setting out to be a rich and diverse listen with its mix of themes, collaborations, and lyricism. Now it’s up to the release to give the fans a deeper look into this newest chapter of Eminem’s glorious career. Well, this entire leak and the resulting buzz just prove well that Eminem has left a lasting effect on the music world, and each of his actions seems to raise several eyebrows simultaneously.

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