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    Fans Predict Kendrick Lamar’s 10-Track Album Release on August 8 After ‘Not Like Us’ Hints

    It seems as if everybody is stoked by connecting the dots from Kendrick Lamar’s most recent music video, “Not Like Us.” Wild speculations from upset hip-hop corners are surfacing that his next album will be released on August 8, 2024, with ten tracks. Let’s dive into details and see why this has convinced fans.

    One of the most significant hints appears in the “Not Like Us” music video at 1:50. In the scene, Kendrick Lamar is standing on a hopscotch grid on the ground. Running from “1” to “10” are numbers that mark the grid. At the end of that sequence, Kendrick can be found standing on the grid number 10. From this, fans have speculated about his upcoming album containing ten tracks.

    kendrick lamar upcoming album number of track speculations
    VIA-Youtube/Kendrick Lamar

    But that’s not all. At 2:11 into the video, Kendrick walks into a Tams Burger 21 shop. In this scene, he has on a tracksuit with the date “8.8.2024” written on it. Fans caught this and arrived at an inference of the release date for his new album.

    kendrick lamar album release date hints
    VIA-Youtube/Kendrick Lamar

    In particular, the numbers dotting Kendrick’s tracksuit seem to fan the flames regarding the release date. Many fans are seeing “8.8.2024” and interpreting it to be August 8, 2024, and subsequently saving the date on their calendars. These hints gave an excellent feeling of anticipation to people who think new music is in the works.

    The speculations of a new Kendrick Lamar album immediately puts the hype at an all-time high. The enthusiasts have flooded social media with their observations and theories. This ongoing beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake contributed to building anticipation, as most fans are trying to speculate how this dynamic may affect Kendrick’s new music and what kind of messages or references might be included in said album.

    A new Kendrick Lamar album would not only be enormous for his followers but would shake the foundations of the music world. With a potential August 8, 2024 date and the notion of a floating 10-track album, fans are high on their guard. Whether these predictions from fans turn out to be true or not, one thing is sure—these have driven anticipation of new Kendrick Lamar music to incredible levels.

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