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    Serena Williams Reacts to Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us”

    Serena Williams recently endorsed Kendrick Lamar’s surprise release, “Not Like Us,” in the form of a tweet and has been sending shockwaves throughout the music world ever since. This is not your average summer jam, the latest lyrical bombshell “Not Like Us” at Drake from one of Hip-Hop’s long standing behemoths In Children a fuse that has been increasing for 5 years now.

    This summer hit was called “Not Like Us” by Williams, the renowned baller and animated character. Her effusive confirmation adds more energy to the roaring flame that is this song’s cultural footprint.

    “Not Like Us” is no average pop anthem. That or it’s a lyrical gauntlet thrown at Drake alleging his crimes of cultural appropriation and personal slights. The song’s razor-sharp verses and in-the-moment confrontation turned it into a music-world earthquake, the audible version of rumbles between these two titans.

    The July 4th dropped music video only added to the songs impact. The video stars NBA player DeMar DeRozan, producer Mustard and even Lamar’s fiancée & children in truly sky-high cameos. Those visuals have sparked conversations, with fans and critics alike commending Lamar’s lyrical finesse (and his lack of apologies).

    More than the feuding though it does hold more weight when you dive deeper into “Not Like Us.” The song has definitely caused a stir in the cultural conversation around Lamar and his eagerness to use it as a platform for more intense subject matter. It’s a Compton coronation, yes; an exaltation of Lamar’s roots and one heloma statement about his place in West Coast hip-hop history. There are references to Lamar’s hometown of Compton and its street culture in virtually every lyric, lending credence to his boasts about being a product as much as embodiment thereof.

    That is a nail in the coffin of an argument right there, and it’s validated even more with Williams’ endorsement. As it’s coming from a pillar of culture that extends far beyond the borders of sports you’re not going to be able to ignore it. A queen co-signing a king, making ‘Not Like Us’ the very song of the summer.

    The song extends beyond the war of words, as too do its cultural implications. “Not Like Us” is an indictment of authenticity in pop music, and one that spirals into broader conversations about artistic control or representation more generally and cultural appropriation.

    The most important approval of “Not Like Us” was stamped by Serena Williams as she declared it the official song of the summer. For Kendrick, it proves he has some of the most ferocious lyricism; is more than ready to dive into complex issues with no safety net and that his artistic integrity remains as strong as ever. Regardless, “Not Like Us” serves as a great piece of the Drake-Lamar story and only further cements Lamar’s place in lines with regards to omnipresence.

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