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    Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Quavo Stay Solid With Drake After Rap Feud

    Despite his recent rap beef, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Quavo are still on good terms with Drake. According to TMZ, none of the DJs at Michael Rubin’s all-white Hamptons party played any Kendrick Lamar songs.

    Michael Rubin‘s famed Hamptons White Party was a breeze to Drake and his entourage. The year’s celebration for the 4th of July called out stars like Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, Megan Thee Stallion, and more.

    Sources near the event revealed that Rubin’s playing DJs avoided playing Kendrick Lamar‘s tracks. It wasn’t quite a minor decision, as it could have been very awkward with Drake and Kendrick going at each other’s necks. Feeling this would be some tense vibe, the DJs played it safe, keeping everything upbeat and the party moving on flow.

    It was enhanced by Drake‘s solid allies, such as Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Quavo, who all contributed to the harmonious ambiance. All these artists were present at the White Party and have retained good relations with Drake, making the event a no-go zone for enemies of the Toronto rapper.

    Host Michael Rubin posted a photo on Instagram outside the event with Drake, which got everyone wondering: he was someone going to play Kendrick’s “Not Like Us,” his big diss track, and get things stirred up. Fortunately, no. No DJ or partygoer is violating that unsaid rule of keeping things drama-free.

    Lil Wayne and Drake’s friendship has been riddled with rumors of rivalries since 2009. It all started in 2008 when Wayne signed Drake to his Young Money label after being impressed by the latter’s talent. From that partnership came hits such as “Bedrock” and “Every Girl,” catapulting them into rap stardom.

    Their relationship wasn’t all smooth sailing, however. The most notable hiccup came during Drake’s highly-publicized beef with Kendrick Lamar, during which a rumor circulated that Drake had slept with Wayne’s then-girlfriend when Wayne was locked up in prison. Wayne confirmed the messy story in an interview dating back to 2016. The two seem to have moved past it, though, as both appear to have mutual respect for one another—they even did some performances together.

    Travis Scott’s relationship with Drake lies in the deep intricacies of rap world loyalty. Travis, a sibling-in-law to Kanye West, has been on good terms with Drake despite Drake’s continued beef with West. The two collaborated in 2018 on “Sicko Mode,” a considerable success marred by controversy surrounding a “sneak diss” that Kanye accused Drake of within the track.

    Things were further complicated by the Astroworld tragedy in 2021. It was during the Houston festival that a crowd surge killed ten, leaving several others injured; Travis was being sued alongside Drake, who performed with him. The legal battle accused them of negligence, but a Texas judge recently dismissed Drake from the lawsuit so he could just focus on the music.

    Despite all that, Travis and Drake appear to be pretty tight. Travis spoke enormously about the influence of Kanye’s mentorship on personal growth, so he always came out with a balanced view of Kanye and Drake. That balance uncovered his poise in treading rap waters without selling his creative soul.

    One of the most famous cases is the relationship between Quavo and Drake. Although what started as a possible collaboration snowballed into personal differences, both seem to have kept that aside and continue working collaboratively on other projects. Their song “Portland” off of Drake’s project “More Life,” followed by Quavo’s solo effort in “FLIP THE SWITCH,” is testimony that even when personal differences do pop up between two artists, it can’t stop them from making chart-toppers.

    Quavo recently hinted at a collaborative mixtape between Migos and Drake—proof of a partnership in bloom. The fact that they can put aside their differences to further the goals of making great music is very admirable, from a professional standpoint, concerning coming up with some powerful lyrics and touching the heart of their respective audience bases.
    What could have been a real battlefield of rivalries, the White Party became a night of celebration and oneness. Artists present grasped the need to put aside differences to focus on music and the eyes of fans who make music worth it.

    This decision not to have tracks by Kendrick Lamar performed at the White Party shows the industry’s need for a respectable, positive vibe. Regardless of their diss tracks and history of disagreements, these artists know what side is best to be on and how to provide excellent lyrics their fans will appreciate.

    Drake puts together fellow artists like Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Quavo. This goes on to prove that a man demanding respect in the music industry does have influence. It’s probably this brotherhood or mutual respect between them that enables timeless music and unforgettable collaborations.

    The tail part of the White Party directly showed the great bond of brotherhood and binding support that existed within the music industries. The unshaken camaraderie of Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Quavo toward Drake proved just how close they were—that, yet again, some bonds don’t break in a world full of competition.

    In a world often fueled by rivalries, the unity displayed at the White Party is a strong reminder that music can transcend differences and bring people together. Drake‘s presence with the other artists exudes a feeling that they share a similar commitment to the creative process and undying dedication to catering to their fan base through impactful lyrics and memorable performances.

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