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    Lil Wayne Responds to Aaron Rodgers Leaving the Packers “You’re Just Like Brett Favre”

    As a fan, Lil Wayne isn’t upset about Aaron Rodgers leaving the packers for the Jets. In fact, he claims it’s good riddance.

    During his time as an artist, Wayne has had his share of ups and downs. The rapper has recently gone through a period of artistic transformation.

    Lil Wayne isn’t upset about Aaron Rodgers leaving the packers.

    Lil Wayne didn’t seem to have any issues with Aaron Rodgers leaving the packers good riddance. After all, he has been the Packers QB for over 15 years and he’s been a fan of the team since his dad went to Super Bowl XXXI in 1997.

    The rapper took to Twitter to express his feelings about the loss of his favorite Packers quarterback. He said that this is the last season he’ll be a fan of the team and that he was hoping for something different from the organization in 2020.

    The Green Bay Packers are currently missing the playoffs after a 15-9 loss to the Detroit Lions. It’s not a pretty picture considering how much the Packers have improved in recent years and how they’ve been playing against good teams.

    He’s following in Favre’s footsteps.

    The Green Bay Packers are struggling this season and one of their biggest fans, Lil Wayne, isn’t very happy with the team. He recently tweeted that Aaron Rodgers should have been gotten rid of before this year.

    The rapper’s tweet came after Green Bay lost to the Detroit Lions, 15-9. The loss left the Packers 3-6 on the season and 4.5 games behind the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North.

    He also compared Rodgers to his former teammate, Brett Favre.

    While the two have different styles and histories, they both spent 18 years in Green Bay. They both led the Packers to one Super Bowl and became all-time passing touchdown leaders during their time with the franchise.

    Both quarterbacks signed long-term contracts with the team, but Favre ultimately chose to retire and be traded to the Jets in 2011. Now that Rodgers is looking to play for the Jets this upcoming NFL season, he’s following in Favre’s footsteps.

    He’s a fan.

    Lil Wayne is a big fan of Aaron Rodgers and isn’t too upset about him leaving the packers. That’s what he tweeted out after the team lost to the Lions Sunday 15-9, giving them their fifth straight loss.

    During the game, Rodgers had one of his worst games as he was 23-for-43 with 291 yards and three interceptions. Two of those interceptions were in the end zone, which is not a good sign for a quarterback that has been known for his accuracy.

    Then he was hit with a double whammy by former Packers running back Jamaal Williams, who scored twice for the Lions to clinch the NFC North title for them.

    All in all, it’s been a rough season for Green Bay and their fans. They’re 3-6 with a tough road ahead to try and get in the playoffs.

    He’s a rapper.

    Lil Wayne is one of the most recognizable rappers in history. He has sold more than a million albums and has won numerous awards for his work.

    He’s been involved in the New Orleans community since hurricane Katrina, establishing a charitable organization to help urban youth called the One Family Foundation. He has also helped rebuild parks in the area.

    Despite his success, Lil Wayne never forgets where he came from. He was raised in an unconventional upbringing and his father gave up on him when he was only two years old.

    His parents were divorced when he was nine and he started writing rap songs at the age of eight. He was able to make it big by working hard and aggressively promoting himself.

    His debut album, ‘Rebirth,’ debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. However, it was met with some serious negative reviews, and he quickly went on to release ‘Tha Carter IV’ in 2011.

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