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    Rap Songs About Raising A Child

    Parenthood is heavy. It is an area that is highly criticized and extremely misunderstood. Coincidentally, so is hip-hop! Here is a playlist of rap songs about raising children.

    Prostitute Slain

    Talk about verisimilitude. 2Pac plays the witness to some of the most brutal aspects of the war against women. This song came out in 1991, and it’s been a roller coaster for women’s rights since.

    My Greatest Creation

    People love to see celebrities spoiling their children. No matter our incomes, we can all give our kids what they need. Children who are able to express their needs have the best chance!

    “It’s A Boy” Slick Rick. Cute As A Button!

    This song is about the birth of Slick Rick’s son. The cycle of life is amazingly simple. Innocence never ends!

    Closest I’ve Been To Heaven

    There’s nothing quite like a gangster who is willing to work for his children’s futures. The Game reminisces about being in the hospital for more nefarious reasons. Life is all about opportunities to change.

    Money For Milk Won’t Really Help

    Kids just need someone who is there for them. It’s simple, but it sucks sometimes. Hence, the jazz back-up instrumentals.

    For My Brothers With Daughters

    Nas is another example of a changed father. He acknowledges that he is a non-traditional father-figure with his lyrics. He knows love is all his kids really need.

     This Money, Man

    Sadly, Mac Miller never had any children(?) So, he never did make 100 grand-kids. But the line was true at the time, “100 G’s in my jeans/I’m a genius!”

     The Worstest

    Fatherhood is painful too. We don’t always live up to our own expectations, and neither does life in general. Lil Durk expresses his feelings so he can get back to it!

    Can you relate to the rapper’s narratives about raising a child? Do rappers parent the same as the rest of us? Let us know what you think about the playlist by leaving a comment.


    1. This is an excellent read! And the lyrics of the song you chose are varied and well versed! I really loved the playlist!
      You could really sense and feel the human being behind each performance.
      Rappers are human beings and so they are imperfect.
      No one escapes childhood unscathed on some level, right?
      Your next article should be a follow up to Slick Rick and his song “Children’s Story”….. I want to know what type of bedtime stories rappers read their kids!

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