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    Rap Songs About Raising A Child

    Rap Song Link
    Brenda’s Got A Baby Listen
    My Greatest Creation Listen
    It’s A Boy Listen
    Closest I’ve Been To Heaven Listen
    Money For Milk Won’t Really Help Listen
    For My Brothers With Daughters Listen
    This Money, Man Listen
    The Worstest Listen

    Being a parent is tough. It’s a topic that faces a lot of criticism and is often misunderstood. Interestingly, the same goes for hip-hop! Check out this playlist of rap songs about raising kids.

    Pros***ute Slain

    Let’s talk about authenticity. 2Pac portrays a witness to the harsh realities of the fight against women. This song was released in 1991, and the journey for women’s rights has been a roller coaster ever since.

    My Greatest Creation

    People enjoy witnessing celebrities pampering their kids. Regardless of our incomes, we can all provide our children with what they require. Kids who can communicate their needs have the greatest opportunities!

    Slick Rick’s “It’s A Boy.”

    This song is about Slick Rick’s son being born. The circle of life is beautifully straightforward. Innocence lasts forever!

    Closest I’ve Been To Heaven

    A dedicated gangster working for his children’s future is truly unique. The Game reflects on his time in the hospital for less honorable reasons. Life presents chances for transformation.

    Money For Milk Won’t Really Help

    Children simply require someone to be present for them. It’s straightforward, although it can be challenging at times. Hence, the accompanying jazz instrumentals.

    For My Brothers With Daughters

    Nas is a prime example of a transformed dad. Through his lyrics, he recognizes his role as an unconventional father figure. He understands that love is an essential requirement for his children.

     This Money, Man

    Unfortunately, Mac Miller didn’t have any kids, so he never had the opportunity to reach a hundred grandchildren. However, the line in his song was accurate back then, “100 thousand dollars in my jeans, I’m a genius!”

     The Worstest

    Being a dad can be tough. We don’t always meet our own standards, and life itself can be challenging. Lil Durk shares his emotions to move forward!

    Do you connect with the rapper’s stories about being a parent? Do rappers approach parenting similarly to everyone else? Share your thoughts on the playlist in the comments section.


    Are there any rap songs about children?

    Yes, there are several rap songs that revolve around the theme of children. Some examples include:

    • “It’s A Boy” by Slick Rick
    • “For My Brothers With Daughters” by Nas
    • “My Greatest Creation” by Jay-Z

    Are there any rap songs specifically about sons?

    Yes, there are rap songs that specifically focus on sons. One example is “It’s A Boy” by Slick Rick, which is about the birth of Slick Rick’s son.

    Can you recommend any rap songs about parenting?

    Certainly! Here are some rap songs that touch on the subject of parenting:

    • “For My Brothers With Daughters” by Nas
    • “Closest I’ve Been To Heaven” by The Game
    • “Money For Milk Won’t Really Help” by [Artist Name]

    Is there a rap song about Lil Durk’s kids?

    There isn’t a specific rap song mentioned in the article about Lil Durk’s kids. However, Lil Durk does share his emotions about being a parent in the song “The Worstest.”


    1. This is an excellent read! And the lyrics of the song you chose are varied and well versed! I really loved the playlist!
      You could really sense and feel the human being behind each performance.
      Rappers are human beings and so they are imperfect.
      No one escapes childhood unscathed on some level, right?
      Your next article should be a follow up to Slick Rick and his song “Children’s Story”….. I want to know what type of bedtime stories rappers read their kids!

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