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    Halsey Gets Introspective with New Single “Lucky,” Sampling Britney’s Pop Anthem

    American singer-songwriter Halsey has just released some exciting news for all fans of music out there by publishing the release date of her new single, “Lucky.” The most striking thing that makes such an announcement so very different is that this single will sample a song by the same title by Britney Spears, released as far back as 2000.

    Well, the moment everybody was waiting for—Halsey’s new release—was anticipated most by this hint via social media, dropping the idea of a musical homage that promises to bring nostalgia and something new. Reflecting on the relationship Halsey shared with Britney Spears’ music, she admitted letting out a touching personal insight:

    “I felt like she was singing directly to me”

    when she was just five years old. Now, reflecting 24 years later, Halsey shared that the lyrics of “Lucky” have taken on an entirely new, deeper meaning for her.

    Showing great admiration and adoration for Britney Spears, Halsey penned a sweet tribute: “Love you forever ⭐️”. This love note arrives as Britney Spears enjoys her renewed presence in the public eye after securing an end to her conservatorship arrangement—what very well could amount to a tenderly linear critical juncture in both artists’ careers.

    Sampling, an art form where a vendor uses bits of existing audio recordings to create new material, is accepted today as a potential means of tribute and reinvention of musical heritage. Britney Spears’ original “Lucky,” included on her critically acclaimed album “Oops!. I Did It Again,” has retained one of the foundation stones in her repertoire—poetically haunting, incredibly contagious.

    For Halsey, this sample is not only a musical gesture but one to help bring the experience of her struggles in the music industry into perspective with those of Britney Spears, demonstrating that intersectionality that solidifies the eternal relevance of Spears’ music. The tease for “Lucky” set off discussions regarding the development of pop and the rises and falls of leading artists, such as Spears, that continue to shape current musical trends.

    Now that Halsey is all set to drop her take on “Lucky,” the entire world is holding its breath as to how this retake of a classic—settling in right into place within today’s music landscape—will turn out. Announcements like this throw a spotlight on the unending musical legacy left by Britney Spears and drive home just how timeless pop classics of earlier years seem to be inspiring new waves of talent.

    On the whole, the upcoming Halsey single is going to be a musical treat. Still, it is also, by all means, a homely tribute paid to Britney Spears, underlining the tremendous and indelible mark that Britney Spears has left on Halsey’s becoming an artist.

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