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    Leading Songs To Add To Your Playlist EP 3

    Our favorite songs of the week as January zooms by.

    Ouida – “Belong With You”

    The latest single, “Belong With You,” follows the dreamy theme of this year’s previous releases but with an added touch of atmosphere and reverb. Ouida’s captivating voice never fails to make an impact, leaving us not questioning her talent but rather appreciating the quality of the song.

    Henry K – “Toxic Love”

    Henry K’s infectious energy is fueled by the cool and groovy rhythms of a sweaty club. With a deep appreciation for the seamless blend of vocals and production, this release stands out as one of the week’s finest.

    Josh Alxndr – “Wasting Time”

    Josh Alxndr, with his distinctive voice and enchanting talent, has just dropped his latest single “Wasting Time.” This beautifully crafted piano ballad showcases the artist’s exceptional vocal ability.

    Party Nails x Boy Sim – “Like U”

    Party Nails and Boy Sim made a big impact in the music industry with their latest single “Like U.” This electrifying song is perfect for those seeking an empowering anthem to conquer challenging situations.

    Aron K – “Insecurities”

    Aron K has returned to his roots with the heartfelt track “Insecurities,” beautifully stripped down and filled with emotional vocals. Allow your mind to wander in a state of pure bliss and tenderness, embracing the joy of the night and all its blessings.

    Cherry Blu – “Your Air”

    “Your Air” is an outstanding pop song with captivating rhythms. The melancholic vocal melodies are complemented by a beautiful piano and bass arrangement. This artist consistently delivers strong emotions and memorable pop melodies, never failing to impress.

    EJA – “Falling”

    EJA establishes his musical legacy with the latest pop single, “Falling.” The combination of captivating melodies and melodic synths creates an enchanting track that is perfect for both dancing and adding to playlists.

    Moglii x Mulay – “Hidden in the Mist”

    I absolutely love the voices of these two artists, and the production blends the best elements of both genres. The pop-infused sound has a nostalgic feel with hints of indietronica, creating a unique and well-crafted song.

    Tamina – “Calling you”

    Tamina has taken her artistry to new heights with the release of her latest single, “Calling You.” The sound is on point, and I appreciate the thoughtful approach.

    Moglii x Mulay – “Sunliight”

    “Sunliight” is a song with a laid-back vibe that you’ll instantly want to add to your playlist. Its energetic and uplifting lyrics capture the joyful moments of life and spread happiness.

    So-Si – “Cali, Pt. 2”

    American artist So-Si kicks off the year by introducing a fresh sound with a neo-soul-infused bass line, perfect for lounging. While the rap elements remain, the overall vibe and inspiration have taken a new direction. It’s exciting to anticipate what 2023 has in store.


    Laniesha – “I Can’t Wait” (Feat. Tristan Price)

    Right before the New Year, American artists Laniesha and Tristan Price released a captivating R&B track crafted specifically for the dance floor. The song features a stunning chorus, mesmerizing synths, and an irresistibly catchy hook that everyone can sing along to.

    John Bullfrost – “WinninG”

    Swedish artist John Bullfrost just dropped a fresh single titled “WinninG.” This dreamy pop track blends indie elements with a comforting theme, creating a joyful anthem that captures the essence of happiness.

    Lujza – “Consequences, Pt. 1”

    Experience the best of classic Australian pop with Lujza, a stylish artist who exceeds expectations. Her catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics explore the theme of hiding tears behind a happy facade. Lujza’s music resonates deeply, capturing both hope and melancholy flawlessly. As we embark on 2023, she returns to wish us a joyful beginning.

    Jokrtherapper – “Ralph”

    Jokrtherapper, known for his pop caramel style, makes a comeback with a meaningful message in his latest single titled “Ralph.” The song combines nostalgic synth elements with heartfelt lyrics.

    BNH Deluxe – “FEEL READY”

    I enjoy the combination of deep lyrics and irony, which BNH Deluxe achieves in their single “FEEL READY.” The song features a mix of light verses and impactful choruses, making it a captivating release.


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