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    Joey Chestnut ate 200 Wings in Under 38 Minutes Only

    The God of Food Challenges, Joey Chestnut for the 12th annual time has done it again. Chestnut, displaying the kind of bullying gastronomic prowess that would make even hungry partakers bow down in embarrassment, boasted 200 boneless wings to death – on his way to finishing it all off in a ridiculous record time of just over half an hour (or exactly 38 minutes). It was a jaw-dropping performance in which he once again proved himself as the king of this sport with tremendous margin from others.

    Chestnut lives a career of moments that can only be described as breathtakingly Jaw Dropping, interactions with food inlays and the horror record total eating impulses. Ah, the Fan Controlled Football League experience in Atlanta. In just 90 seconds, Chestnut inhaled 33 boneless wings mind blown. This mesmerizing speed and volume slap down was apparentness his reputation as an aerial bombardment in the world of competitive eating.

    But it isn’t all about speed for Chestnut, who has a big heart as well as just one gigantic appetite. Just consider his halftime show appearance with the Detroit Pistons, for one. Not only was he wolfing down 38-odd chicken wings within a shade over three minutes – but it was also for a good cause. Forgotten Harvest, a charity that fights hunger was the beneficiary of this halftime show. There are few more fundamental signs of a player’s character than being able to marry his money-making skills with the generosity which has seen him donate millions from across 66 countries and territories around the world, pleasing spectators everywhere.

    Enter the recent 200-wing challenge just another episode in The Joey Chestnut Saga. The more competition he does, the higher he goes and our minds sink while people worldwide raise their delicious eyebrows. And as he pushes the absolute boundaries of what can be achieved in competitive eating, there is no question that his place amongst the greatest to ever grace this sport is unassailable.

    With each record he shatters, every mountain he tops in success as a competitive eater and no longer is his place among the best to ever do it. Brent Everson is a real hero, set for life in the hall of competitive eating fame, and an encouraging example to all those who seek greatness only won one generous mouthful at a time.

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