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    Ryan Garcia endorsed Donald Trump for president

    Ryan Garcia Endorses Donald Trump for President: A Surprising Twist at Mar-a-Lago

    Popular boxer Ryan Garcia shocked the world once again. He supported Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race. This all occurred at Trump’s house in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where they met. Before sharing the news with the public, Garcia uploaded a video on social media.

    The young box was filmed showing off his fighting abilities in the hallway of Mar-a-Lago. Trump and his group can be spotted as well. It was a peculiar and funny situation to say the least. The boxer deftly shadowboxed, and various people watched him. The surrounding people clapped and sang.

    While doing his routine, Garcia screamed, “Donald Trump 2024!” and captioned the post as, “Trump is my friend!” This sudden endorsement will surely trigger the boxer’s fans and the president’s haters.

    First and foremost, this specific meeting between Garcia and Trump has attracted attention. The most important difference between them is the similarity in their paths. Before each of them major victories, they were seen as weaker candidates. Trump, labeled a ‘joke’ candidate, won the election in 2016 and almost managed to pull it off in 2020. The boxer, in turn, also suddenly defeated “undefeated” Devin Haney this month.

    Both Garcia and Trump are present in the media and have accounts on major platforms. They both express their opinion straightforwardly and address their audience. Trump has always been a big fan of combat sports. He’s used to attend prominent fights and become a part of the story. Garcia is famous for his trolling. He will point out Trump’s controversial presence, for sure.

    Garcia’s endorsement adds a new element to the political world and has an unclear impact. As for Trump, he continues to get endorsements from all over the place – the New York City bodega owners’group recently endorsed him.

    Ryan Garcia has a $20 million net worth, making him a top athlete. An endorsement could boost his fame. Yet, it might also draw criticism from those against Trump’s policies.

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