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    Ishowspeed Says WWE Is Real After Getting Rko’d by Randy Orton

    YouTuber IShowspeed just got thoroughly schooled in the squared circle…and it’s left him rethinking EVERYTHING! Things got a little too “REAL” at WrestleMania for IShowspeed while he duked it out with the Apex Predator… Randy Orton. But was the high-flying hijinks and taste of the RKO enough to convince IShowspeed that WWE is legit? Get the popcorn popped readers cause it’s time to spill the tea! RTVF!

    It wasn’t a backstage sign interview for IShowspeed; he was there in the flesh to back up his buddy, Logan Paul, who was throwing hands for the Championship. Rocking a giant bottle of PRIME, dressed up as one bottle of his buddies’ energy drink, things got an extra kind of turn when IShowspeed broke out and leaped the rope to join the melee.

    The RKO, however, is for the lack of a better word – Randy Orton’s special move . It is essentially a lightning-quick surprise attack, where Orton jumps out of nowhere, hooks his opponent’s arms, and sends him face-first decisively on the ground. The move is brutal, deadly, and getting tons of wrestlers starry-eyed.

    Young IShowspeed. IShowspeed gets too close to the mat, and Orton makes his move: The Viper – that’s one of Orton’s other nicknames – saw his chance, removed IShowspeed’s PRIME suit, and gave him a flawless RKO! In one second, IShowspeed’s energetic; the following, the lights were out!

    IShowspeed had some social media uploads after the match. Now “ong” might be a new term for some folks. It actually just means “on God” or “for real.” So in other words, IShowspeed was saying WWE was REALLY real! He also mentioned a throbbing headache and a stiff neck, proof of the capabilities of the RKO. Pictures of him with a neck brace followed, and this one certainly wasn’t packed into the PRIME costume. There were rumors of a hospital visit, but IShowspeed assured his followers he would be fine.

    The RKO is more than just a fancy move. It’s a testament to Randy Orton’s brilliance. Because of past injuries, Orton needed a finishing move that didn’t rely on brute strength. Enter the RKO – quick, effective, and leaves opponents flat on their backs. It’s no wonder Orton hit multiple RKOs during the match, and poor IShowspeed just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Did IShowspeed’s Wrestle Mania experience change his mind about the legitimacy of WWE? Well, that’s up for you to decide! One thing’s for sure, the world of professional wrestling might be more entertaining (and potentially painful) than we think!

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