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    Devin Haney smacks Ryan Garcia in the face before their fight

    The wildcard, however, was the fight between the lightweight rankings in Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia. In an epic clash between the two, just before the first round, a ridiculous moment occurred. Before the fight at the Empire State Building in New York, during the face-off, Haney slapped Garcia right in the face. Do you think its good or bad for boxing, is it a natural rivalry between the two, or perhaps this is the start of something worse?

    Although the details of the fight are still being clarified, it began with the standard trash-talking so characteristic of the fight. However, this time, they succeeded in lengthening the situation. A fruitless attempt of competitive jokes or was the situation for them serious from the beginning of their acquaintance? Boxing analysts believe this incident stems from their long-standing rivalry, which has simmered since their amateur days.

    Adding insult to injury, Devin Haney’s father and trainer, Bill Haney, were going ballistic at Garcia. He could be heard shouting, “Your son’s gonna get killed! He’s gonna get killed!” It did the complete opposite, further intensifying the situation. Haney’s father’s emotional eruption also raised some valid concerns — how should a trainer behave, and what kind of example are they setting in advocating sportsmanship?

    It was the aftermath and Ryan Garcia’s reaction to the smack that took all eyes. Most people were expecting Ryan to react angrily. However, this is what he said on his social account. “LMAAAAO I TOLD YOU I ATE THAT, AND I WANT MORE!”. It leaves everyone wondering. Is it an act he’s putting to show his opponent this time wouldn’t be easy without him being fully prepared?

    Garcia’s recent conduct on social media has been strange, prompting discussions about his mental health. Adding to the mix of fears is the occurrence under consideration. The New York State Athletic Commission requested that Garcia undergo a pre-fight psychological evaluation. Since he has previously taken time off from fighting for similar reasons, that storyline changes the narrative of the run up to the battle . However, the issue alter, will the commission allow him to compete and, if so, how would this manifest in his fighting?

    The internet erupted after the face-off brawl. The video went viral, generating a buzz unlike any other for this fight. While some fans are excited about the heightened drama, others express concern for the boxers’ well-being.

    Will Haney’s pre-fight smack translate into a knockout victory in the ring, or will Garcia prove his playful demeanor signifies an unfazed mental state? This pre-fight drama has undeniably added another layer of intrigue to the highly anticipated fight.

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