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    The 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals Looses To Trump

    Not everyone liked former President Trump. Honestly, the decision to let him into office had been a dire mistake. Though, it seems that even after Trump was kicked out of the office, he still managed to evade the national government. Even after leaving the Oval office, the president still faces a multitude of lawsuits and legal battles. Recently, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled him guilty of violating the Constitution during his presidency. However, the Supreme Court ruled the case a “moot” point.

                The 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals v. Trump

    2nd Circuit
    via Courthouse News

    It goes without saying that no one should ever try and defy the national government. However, Donald Trump somehow manages to beat legal battles with flying colors. The tyrant obviously has tons of tricks up his sleeve. Recently, the former president came under fire again for violating the First Amendment of the Constitution.

    The Appeals Court confirmed that Trump deliberately blocked his Twitter critics in 2019.Furthermore, Trump’s actions comes as a direct violation of the First Amendment. Moreover, the tyrant blocked several individuals and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. Obviously, Trump had abused his social media privileges.

                        The Ruling Goes Out The Window

    2nd Circuit
    via CNN

    Despite all the wrong Donald Trump did during his presidency, he somehow managed to slide by. The former president certainly beat the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against him. Rather than the Supreme Court siding the with the lower court last Monday, they erased the case altogether. Trump’s case has since been deemed a “moot” point on Jan. 19. The court’s decision came upon the heels of Biden’s inauguration. Additionally, Trump’s Twitter had been suspended during the Jan.6th U.S Capitol attack. Even though, Trump’s case had been dismissed, court officials still plan to apply it to future public officials who abuse social media. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals may have failed to trap Trump, but they did manage to change the face of politics in the modern era.



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