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    P-Valley : Should Non Queer Actors Play Queer Roles?

    The debate of the century is if straight actors should play gay roles. What is the big deal? HypeFresh is here to address the elephant in the room. Deal is that gay actors don’t really like it, straight men either. According to NBC News, “it’s complicated.” Although there are a number of straight actors who play gay roles, real gay actors are increasingly filling gay roles. It gives “real representation”. Many LGBTQ actors feel that only they have the experience and authenticity to bring these characters to life. P-Valley is the show that’s mostly up for debate when discussing this particular topic. P-V is a popular fictional show on Starz that follows exotic dancers in the Mississippi Delta.

    P-Valley and the Gay Discussion

    People have been gay since the beginning of time, folks. Relax. Why is it such a crime when a straight actor plays a gay role? According to Yahoo! Sports Lil Duval shares his two cents after seeing a gay intimate scene on the show. Duval expressed his opinion on Twitter, stating, “Yeah, P Valley didn’t resonate with me. They should have a proper representation advisory for movies like they have for everything else. It can be overwhelming if you’re not accustomed to it.” Of course, a writer and producer of the show decides to chime in on the statement. In response, he said, “As a writer and producer of P Valley, including this episode, I suggest you find something else to watch if Chucalissa isn’t your cup of tea. The LGBTQ+ representation is here to stay.” #pvalley.”

    P-Valley’s writer continues to defend his reply tweet by relaying a couple of other messages. Many heterosexual men feel uncomfortable with gay love scenes as it raises questions about their own sexual orientation. However, it’s important to recognize that these personal reflections are unrelated to us or #PValley. It’s crucial for individuals to do the inner work and self-reflection.

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