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    President Trump Paid More Taxes In China Bank Account Than USA

    President Trump bank secret bank account in china actually pays its taxes.

    A New York Times report exposed that President Trump has a secret bank account in China. The bank account was not reported with the president’s finances for an investigation, although it’s still open. Also, the president has paid more in taxes in china than in the country he currently runs.

    The same president who preaches how much he stands up to China has a secret bank account there. To make matters worse, Trump not only has accounts in China but pays them more in taxes than he does here.

    China is just one of the Three foreign nations in which the sitting president has open bank accounts. A clear and obvious conflict of interest and given the amount of business-related tax breaks given by the Trump administration. It becomes even more clear that Donald Trump has been using his position as president to better position his enterprise.

    Sadly even if he is voted out of office on NOV 3rd, Trump will have already baccomplishedhis goals.

    What do you guys think about President Trump secret bank account in China? Do you agree it’s a conflict of interest, or do you think it’s not that big a deal?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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