Sampling music is not as easy as it looks

Sampling music has been a practice in the music industry for some time now. You’ll be in the crib, all relaxed, listening to Summer Walker’s track “Playing Games” and then all of a sudden it hits you. “Yoooo this is ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child” and now the song is so much better.

The right sample on a song can take it from 0 to 100

It will touch that part of your heart that remembers screaming “SAY MY NAME SAY MY NAME” in your mom’s car not knowing what you’re saying because you’re 10 years old. The right sample can change the way a song reaches its audience.

Some people think that using samples is a cheat code.They feel as though that using a sample is a producer/artist way of getting a crowd of people that don’t really like the artist’s original music but will listen to it because of their use of the sample. There is beauty in using an older sample in a song and bringing a new life into it while maintaining the integrity of the original track. An artist’s ability to make you fall in love with a song all over again is something that is very underappreciated.

When’s the last time you fell in love with something all over again

A lot of samples a done well and some very well, but they don’t all make you have the same feeling as you did when you heard the original song for the first time. This is the challenge of the artist. To make the song as impactful as the original, but make it their own at the same time.

What do you think makes a sample work or not work? Is it the job of the artist to make it work in the song or the producer? Comment what you think below and look out for more interesting topics in the world of Hip Hop.

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