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    Kelis, 43, Dating Bill Murray, 73

    Kelis & Bill Murray Dating

    Milkshake singer Kelis 43 has reportedly struck up an unlikely romance with legendary actor Bill Murray who is 30 years her senior.

    The pair have reportedly been getting close since first crossing paths in the US. The 72-year-old Ghostbusters star was seen at several of Kelis‘ recent London shows. The pair even posed for a cozy backstage photo together.

    Strong Bonds

    The pair have reportedly bonded over their tragedies in recent times. Kelis’ second husband, Mike Mora, died from stage four stomach cancer in March last year at 37, and Bill’s ex-wife Jennifer Butler passed away in 2021.

    Kelis & Murray’s Relationship History

    Kelis has had an unlucky relationship history. Remember when she dated and married rapper Nas for five years? That relationship ended severely as she accused him of emotional and physical abuse. She then married photographer Mike Mora in 2014, but he passed away from stomach cancer at age 37 in March.

    Murray is currently in the UK filming a new sequel to Ghostbusters and has been married twice. He was with his first wife, Margaret Kelly, for 15 years before divorcing her in 1996. He married Jennifer Butler in 1997, and the couple divorced in 2008. Murray has two children with Margaret and four sons with Butler. 

    Neither Kelis nor Bill has commented on the rumors. But sources told the Sun they have been getting closer for a while. Mutual friends reportedly introduced them in the US and they have been getting to know each other since then. They’ve been catching up in London, where Bill is filming the new sequel to Ghostbusters.

    The Sun’s source said they were getting closer because “they both shared relatively recent bereavements.” He explained that when you are an entertainer, you’re always looking for the next gig, which can lead to people with whom you connect despite a huge age gap. They’ve also been chatting about their respective careers and how they love working with their kids.

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