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    Rap facts that might SHOCK you (Beef Edition)

    Is Drake the king of the streams? Think again! The rap game has some incredible statistics, particularly regarding streaming numbers and chart prevalence. Buckle, hip-hop fans, because the rap facts you are about to read will mesmerize and astound you to an unbelievable degree!

    Drake vs. Rick Ross: The Mixtape King

    Remember the early days of Drake’s mixtape? To put it in context, Drake’s debut in 2009 with “So Far Gone” is now consumed on a daily basis more times than all 221 of Rick Ross’ songs put together! That is correct: on a daily basis, the one mixtape made by a young new drake outperforms the entire Rick Ross’s discography.

    Chart Domination: There’s a New King in Town

    Of course, we all know that Drake has been on top of the charts for years, but there has been a new king for the crown. Did you see it coming? A song named “LIKE THAT” has spent the most weeks at the peak of the chart in history so far. The track managed to do something that none of Drake’s has achieved since 2018.

    Chart Kings: Drake’s Not So Lonely at the Top

    Okay, Drake; maybe he isn’t the hands-down chart king, but he is still a heavy hitter, right? Well, prepare for your next shock: Drake also has more songs on the charts than some of hip-hop’s biggest household names combined – Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and A$AP Rocky!

    Newcomer Spotlight: Ice Spice Makes a Splash

    Latto, the queen is here Ice Spice’s very first EP, Like…?, currently has daily streams higher than all Latto songs combined. This artist’s success shows that the rap scene is continually changing; fresh talent emerges to contend with the existing hierarchy.

    Producer Power: Don’t Sleep on Metro Boomin’

    However, on the other hand, people don’t pay as much attention to producers. But they almost completely determine the likelihood of a particular song’s success. In 2020, one of such examples was an album by producer Metro Boomin’ called “Heroes & Villains”. At the end of “charts”, this album has more streams for the first year than the sum of all the albums released by Drake during this decade. Remember the name Metro Boomin’!

    Unexpected Stat: Quavo Takes the Billion Stream Crown

    And by the way, a fun fact – Quavo, one of the three members of the Migos trio, has more songs on Spotify with 1 billion streams than Chris Brown.

    The Curious Case of Drake & Rick Ross

    Remember all those chart-topping Drake and Rick Ross collaborations? Well, here’s a stat that might make you raise an eyebrow: every single top 10 song Rick Ross has ever reached on the charts has featured Drake! It seems these two are a match made in musical heaven (or should we say chart heaven?).

    Fast Teamwork: What A Time to Be Alive in Just 6 Days?

    Ever wonder how quickly some rap albums come together? Here’s a mind-blowing fact: Future and Drake’s collaborative album “What A Time To Be Alive” was created in just 6 days! That’s right, 6 days to produce a chart-topping, million-selling project. Talk about creative magic!

    So What Did We Learn?

    The rap industry is a world of surprises. Streaming numbers can be unpredictable, new stars can rise overnight, and producers deserve their shine too. These facts just scratch the surface of the ever-evolving rap game. Keep your ears peeled, because there’s always something new to discover in the world of hip-hop!

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