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    J. Cole vs. Kendrick: The “7 Minute Drill” Vs Like That Lyrics Breakdown – Who Won the Rap Battle?

    Los Angeles, CA – April 5, 2024 – The hip-hop world is abuzz after the verbal confrontation between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. It began when Kendrick surprised dis on Metro Boomin and Future’s collabLike That”. Many assume he wants to go after J. Cole and Drake. J. Cole couldn’t let things slide after that and released “7 Minute Drill”, a diss track dissecting Kendrick’s latest music.

    Cole acknowledges the diss, but instead of responding with aggression, he talks about his journey in the rap industry and his rise to the top. “Your first sht was classic, that last sht was tragic, on the read,” said with far too much emphasis. Each of Kendrick’s lines on the other hand served as the equivalent of a braggadocious battle rap, comparison each boasting massive metaphors of war.

    The artist kept his typical smooth flow while running sophisticated wordplay. Kendrick changed the way he flowed from verse to verse, mixing aggressive raps with softer deliveries. Among the two rappers, J.Cole went secure with his delivery. Although I did get the messages, it was difficult for me to resonate with it.

    Somehow, J. Cole’s “7 Minute Drill” felt more relatable to listeners. The critique regarding Kendrick’s work caused a wave of online discussions and debates. A potential live diss by Drake only added to the drama of the battle, which kept it current.

    However, J. Cole tiptoed around the edge in this verse. He found consumable harmony between introspective lines, adventurous flow, and a dignified, focused critique. Cole’s expression was more mature than that of Kendrick’s, but that doesn’t rule Lamar out. His tense vociferation and almost unnecessary energy solidified the fact that the “Big 3” topic is open, and Kendrick Lamar is a fierce participant in this contest.

    In sum, “7 Minute Drill” is a masterclass in conscious rap. J. Cole’s introspective bars are hard-hitting, full of clever wordplay and a touch of self-assuredness. It may not have the immediate impact of a “classic” diss track, but its longevity and opening of conversation more than redeem it.

    By contrast, “Like That” is a classic Kendrick Lamar diss track, full of aggression, braggadocio, and fire wordplay. Though it is less introspective than “7 Minute Drill,” it does serve as a reminder of Kendrick’s skill and continued dominance of rap.

    Question left unanswered: is this the last bout between bars? Picture a “Round 4” where J. Cole retaliates to Kendrick’s retrospective. What would he say to his criticism for his recent projects? Either way, fans are left foolishly excited for the next edition in this exciting round-robin of a feud. Nevertheless, one thing is certain. This discourse clearly cements J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar as the go-to wordsmiths in today’s modern hip-hop industry.

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