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    Top 3 reasons Why Jay-Z Runs The Rap Game

    If you’re like us, when you walk into the typical neighborhood barbershop – it’s always a debate.

    Some of the classic arguments that circle around is between Biggie & Tupac, Jordan & Kobe, Jadakiss & Sigel. There’s no getting around these arguments! And even with substantial points, either side is willing to change its opinion. Perhaps one of the biggest disputes is Jay-Z being the best rapper alive.

    Listed below are my three reasons to support my belief that Jay-Z may possibly just be the best.

    jayz keyJay-Z’s Crew on DJ Khaled’s “I Got The Keys”.

    Hanging with the best

    Often times we compare the greats by the timeline and events taking place.

    Perhaps at the time when Jay first came on the scene, he was just another average rapper. But surely when he had his chance, Shawn Carter made it clear that the new kid on the block wasn’t taking any prisoners.

    Jay got the chance to spit with the legendary Biggie, Big L, and LL Cool J. During the 90’s, Hov made a name for himself in the rap game proving that the Marcy projects native had what it took to become legendary. Starting an independent record label with Dame Dash was costly, but the necessary factor that would later lead him to stardom.

    Let’s not forget that the 90’s had caliber artist like DMX, Ja-Rule, The Lox, Nas, Busta Rhymes, etc.  

    new era origins and hip-hop-influence-with-jonathan-mannionA young Jay-Z in the late 90’s – early 2000’s.

    Consistency is everything

    Surviving in the rap game for more than two singles is difficult in the current state of hip-hop.

    The current build of the industry depends on up-tempo-beats, catchy hooks, and ‘jibberish’ lyrics. Most hip-hop fans will agree that the rap scene has been watered down ten times since the early 2000’s. Mr. Carter has managed to deliver us classic after classic since The Blueprint.

    What started as the introduction for Kanye, is still considered a timeless classic to the masses. Many rappers haven’t been able to maintain consistency regarding dope lyrical features, and albums as a whole. Yes, Nas won battles, but Jay-Z without a doubt monetized his brand in every aspect through sales.

    On top of being consistent with his music, he opened the door for rappers like Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Kanye, Young Gunz, and State Property to leave a mark in the book of Hip-Hop dynasties.

    Kanye Jay ZJay-Z and Kanye West.

    Still Relevant… Now.

    Even with the commercial success that Jay-Z received throughout his career, he did not settle at just the music alone.

    The music mogul has continued to reinvent himself outside the rap scene every way possible. From running his own record label (Roc-a-Fella now Roc Nation) to being the head at Def Jam. Jay started off with endorsements, that later led him to become a minority owner for the Brooklyn Nets. In addition, the New York rapper opened nightclubs (40/40 Club as one example) and even started a premium liquor line (Dusse). Jay-Z has always paired himself with relevant artist, despite his falling out with Kanye perhaps the duo were one of the strongest forces outside him and Beyonce.

    Will Kendrick or Drake ever catch up to Jay? Who is the next big artist to walk in Jay-Z’s footsteps? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Stephen Lovekin/ Getty Images

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