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    New York’s FarrellB Creativity Has No Limits On “Me and My Shadow”

    I have to admit. The older generation messed up when they decided to count out today’s artists. Instead of giving new artists a chance, they are stuck in their ways and only re-listen to old music. But I’m here to tell you, there are plenty of dope young talent like New York’s FarrellB. You just have to put in the work to actually find them.

    Built Different

    At first glance, it’s easy to confuse FarrellB with the rest. But the more and more that you listen, you’ll notice he’s doing things that they can’t do. I’ve seen him distort his voice and craft melodies like never before. His newest project is what the ambitious artist looks like at full strength.

    To close off the year, he recently released his explosive new project, Me and My Shadow. These 8-tracks build off of his already impressive discography. More importantly, it shows that FarrellB is able to make music that reflects his hectic day-to-day life. Compared to his other releases, I feel as if this project takes a more intimate approach and we get to learn more about FarrellB as a person.

    Stepping From The Shadows

    It starts with the intro track, “Atl”. Similar to the city of Atlanta, this song captures the youthful and fun energy that my city is best known for. This project has such a high attention to detail, because he has a track called “Ny” that sounds vastly different. This one sounds more experimental as FarrellB’s vocal glide over the computerized instrumental. They can never recreate the things that he accomplished on this project.

    No bias, but this might be FarrellB’s project so far. I know that he is going to be a star one day, just based on his superb performance on Me and My Shadows.

    Be sure to follow FarrellB on Instagram.

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