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    Dwayne Wade Booty Ate After ESPY Awards?

    We marvel at the relationship that Dwayne Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union have. With plenty of money to throw around, the two are considered a power couple.

    The couple just took to the carpet at the annual ESPY awards earlier this evening. Overall the event highlights the top athletes in every sport on this one special night. Of course, The Wades came dressed to impress. One thing is clear, Dwayne Wade gettin’ his ass ate after the ESPY Awards is a strong possibility. It’s official, the Wades are straight freaks.

    The rumor has been that Gabrielle Union gets freaky in bed. During an interview, she suggested how she is extra-comfortable in her sexuality. Overall, it left many people to suspect that NBA-retired Dwayne Wade gets his cheeks slurped on the regular. At the moment, Wade is enjoying the retired life while Gabrielle Union just finished wrapping up the first season of “LA’s Finest”.

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    Gabrielle hit the carpet in a multi-color floral mini dress, which complimented her slim figure. She made sure to pose alongside her significant other, who was dressed in a white suit.

    Furthermore, Wade also addressed his retirement:

    “Once I got to the point where there were a lot of things in the process that I just didn’t enjoy. I don’t enjoy working out in the summers getting ready for this, the last summer. I didn’t enjoy a lot of things. Once I get to the point where I’m not enjoying the process – because I’ve enjoyed the process in my career, whether it’s coming back from injuries, coming back from losing in the Finals – and this summer I just didn’t enjoy it. It was a big sign. I think it’s time before something happens”.

    Overall, the two are very much in love. In fact, all the romance could lead to another child! They currently have a surrogate daughter together. She’s under the age of 1.

    In conclusion, what are your thoughts? Is Dwayne Wade gettin’ his ass ate after the ESPY Awards a turn on? Will they have another child? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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