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    15 SoundCloud Artists To Look Out For

    As much as older people don’t care for it, SoundCloud has been and will be the best platform to discover new artists. I love it because it gives artists a place to experiment with their sound and find themselves.

    I feel it’s only right for us to put the spotlight on some young stars who have been making a name for themselves. Here is a list of fifteen artists that are keeping SoundCloud alive.

    1. Ken Carson

    Two years ago, SoundCloud legend, Playboi Carti, launched his record label named OPIUM. The first signee to the label was Ken Carson. He had huge shoes to fill in, being labeled as the second coming of Carti, and has easily exceeded those expectations. A true rebel at heart, fans across the world have fallen in love with his high-octane sound.

    2. Tony Shhnow

    Atlanta never falls short of producing elite stars in the rap game. The newest one who’s been making noise is Tony Shhnow. His laid-back cocky flow makes the trap life sound cool. He has an insane work ethic like other Atlanta greats such as Gucci or Thug, consistently giving fans multiple projects to enjoy a year.

    3. Jelly

    Everybody knows how special the summer of 2016 was. It was the first time we were introduced to producer Pierre Bourne and his iconic tag “Yo Pierre You Want To Come Out Here?”. Since then, Pierre has had one helluva career. What people don’t know is that Pierre is also an A&R and is responsible for discovering artists, one of them being Jelly. Also known as “The Wolf of Peachtree”, Jelly puts legit fear into other artists with his fearsome bars.

    4. Yung Kayo

    Young Thug has influenced many artists. He was one of the first artists who went against the norms and expectations of a typical rap artist. Yung Kayo out of the DMV caught the attention of Thug, who then signed him to his YSL label. He even included him on their label compilation album, Slime Language 2. Showing he can hang with the big dogs, Kayo made sure I felt his presence, especially on Proud of You featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

    5. Bear1Boss

    A common love for SoundCloud artists is their love of auto-tune. Some artists might overuse this vocal feature, but Bear1Boss has mastered using auto-tune. Frequent collaborator/producer Popstar Benny brings the best out of him every time they collaborate.

    6. DestroyLonely

    Out of ATL, DestroyLonely has to be one of my favorite artists popping on SoundCloud. If I had to describe his sound, it sounds like PlayboiCarti & Lil Keed had a baby, and Destroy would be the final product. He has one of the most unique flows that cannot be duplicated.

    7. NutSoThugn

    Hailing from Zone 6, you have Atlanta trapstar NutSoThugn. When he’s not producing for other ATL artists such as Ola Runt or 24 Lefteye, his main focus is adding to his great discography. If you’re a fan of evil trap music, you’ll love Nutso. His dark lyrics and menacing beats will have you shaking in your boots.

    8. KashGlock


    Nowadays, artists are younger than ever, with most of them embarking on their musical journey as young as middle schoolers. KashGlock from the DMV has been blowing up on SoundCloud at only 15. The young artist is setting herself up for a long career, utilizing TikTok to market her art.

    9. Staysie Atoms


    The city of Memphis is winning when it comes to music right now, especially in the trap genre. But an artist named Staysie Atoms is making a name for basically inventing a new sound. She blends elements of Memphis rap with her angelic vocals. On top of that, every so often she uploads these fire DJ mixes to show how deep her bag is.

    10. Reazo

    SoundCloud is full of hidden gems that the rest of the world is not hip to. One of those gems is young Rhode Island artist Reazo. He is best at selecting amazing production that compliments his melodic sound. Give it a couple more years and the world will know his name.

    11. Slime Dollaz

    Free Slime Dollaz until it’s backward. Before he was incarcerated Slime Dollaz was helping put South Carolina on the map. He pretty much kicked down the doors and made it easier for other SC artists to get their start. I miss hearing his menacing bars, he was a true pioneer of the Plugg genre.

    12. Kenarri


    The Queen of Dragons, aka Kenarri, is another favorite of mine. If you like Gunna, you’ll love her music. She has a similar flow and they both have a sharp tongue. It’s the right amount of masculinity that men will respect her raw talent while still maintaining her femininity.

    13. 1Vayda

    I freaking love remixes and seeing creatives put their own spin on other songs. One artist that caught my ear for their remixes is 1Vayda. This caused me to go down a rabbit hole and listen to more of her songs. Unlike most of the artists I previously named, she is a triple threat. She can sing, rap, and produce at a high level.

    14. BashfortheWorld

    Wouldn’t you agree that social media is too accessible? Essentially what I mean by that, is seeing your favorites in person, doesn’t feel as special, because you see them all the time. BashfortheWorld does a great job keeping his identity hidden so that you have to judge his music at face value. The Texas artist’s mystique makes his music more enjoyable and adds to his mysterious aesthetic.

    15. Yvng Ant

    My last pick is someone I predict will have one of the biggest 2023 out of all the artists listed. Yvng Ant is one of the standouts and what I like to call “luxury rap”. Behind his expensive flow, he’s low-key dropping dimes on how to live the right way. Once he gets a couple more releases under his belt, I predict it will only take about a year for him to reach the mainstream.

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