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    Tekashi and Melly being RELEASED “Canceled”

    *[Update] Tekashi 69 has been sentenced to 2 years with time served, meaning he’ll be home sometime in 2020. The rapper also will have to serve 5 years of supervised parole and do 300 hours of community service.

    In this world of political correctness what someone says, especially a celebrity like Tekashi 69, can make or break someone’s career. Their image matters just as much as their ability to perform their craft and in an instant, their image can come crumbling down.

    Recently it has been announced that Tekashi 69 and YNW Melly maybe home from prison in a matter of days. These are both men that have had serious charges placed on them and as a result, they have had to step away from the music industry.

    This does not mean that people are not anticipating their release. When they get out people are expecting projects from both of these men. Although both have committed crimes that people claim are unacceptable, there still is the anticipation for new music by them.

    This isn’t true all of the time though. Look at artists like Tekashi 69, YNW Melly, R Kelly, Tay-K, and the list goes on.

    Something that you may notice is that regardless of their actions, a large portion of their fanbase will always find a way to separate their actions with their music.
    In this cancel culture that we live in today, an artist can say the wrong thing once and their career can take a massive hit.

    Look at Daniel Caesar with his last album Case Study 01.
    The anticipation for his album dropped drastically after he made some controversial comments on race earlier this year. The backlash from these comments is evident in his album streams and sales.

    Why are we able to unify and take action against the things that Daniel Caesar said and not do the same with individuals like Tekashi 69? Is it the style of music? The image that they created for themselves? Their fanbase? Artists have shown that the public will not always be consistent with what they deem as canceled.

    Some artists abuse this and go on a rampage of trying to obtain as much publicity as possible. While others might learn and grow from it.

    There are so many questions as to how we need to define cancel culture and how we are going to hold artists accountable for their actions.  But for now, let us see what Tekashi 69 and YWN Melly are going to do when they get out of prison. Maybe it was reformative and they are better because of it or maybe they got worse. We’ll find out soon.

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


    1. Melly just like his last name. And 69 goofy azz needs to sit his Lil made up bad body. down somewhere.🤡🐀

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