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    Joe Budden Says He “Hates” BTS

    Since his rap career came to a screeching halt, Joe Budden has seemingly made a point to make enemies with everyone. For instance, the podcast host has been beefing with Nicki Minaj for years now. Now he’s managed to upset K-Pop group BTS, or rather, their massive fanbase. Recently, the 41-year-old took to social media to express just how he feels about the Korean Pop group. Joe Budden tells the world that “hates” BTS. Ouch!

    The Podcast Host Hates BTS With A Passion

    hates BTS
    Joe Budden via Yahoo News

    Most people love the K-Pop group BTS. Since the release of their hit song “DNA”, fans everywhere have raved over the group. While everyone has fallen in love with the K-Pop band, not everyone is a fan.

    During a recent podcast episode, Joe Budden shared controversial remarks about BTS. The 41-year-old confidently stated, “I know they’re popular, I know they have a huge following.” I don’t wanna see it.” He’s clearly not a part of the ARMY. Making matters worse, he failed to correctly name the country they’re from, which many know as Korea. The former rapper even ventured to say just how he truly feels about BTS. “I hate them . . .,””

    Budden admitted that on the air. Pretty sure that he’s eating his words right now.

    The ARMY Attacks Joe Budden

    hates BTS
    Joe Budden via HipHopDX

    Budden often doesn’t think before voicing his controversial opinions. His latest, being that he “hates” BTS. Unfortunately, his comment upset many of the K-Pop group’s fans. It’s clear that the ARMY didn’t take Budden’s words with a grain of salt.

    At this point, Joe Budden might want to refrain from talking about BTS altogether.

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