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    Teachers In Puerto Rico Protest For Better Work Conditions

    “Gringo go home, End Colonialism”. 

    Puerto Rican Teachers Take A Stand

    This quotes details some passionate words plastered around the island of Puerto Rico. Some may wonder what’s the cause. Well, the archipelago island has become fiscal heaven, inviting those who possess the money to inhabit the island tax-free, people like these include YouTube star, Logan Paul. The presence of foreigners decentralize the needs of those who live there. In recent days, many protests have taken place, including those spearheaded by teachers on the island. They are outraged due to the hard conditions that they’ve endured over the last four years. Now their pensions and retirement are in danger once again.

    “For us, it is a mockery of the teaching class and an insult to teachers because they are offering us a temporary raise, which is paid for by federal funds and will last up to two years. And then what?”, said Ada Rodríguez Laboy, a third-grade teacher from the municipality of Guayama.

    This is in reference to a press conference the governor Pedro Pierliuisi did on Monday, stating a temporary pay raise of $1,000 dollars.

    The word indignation became a key part when the local newspaper “El Nuevo Dia” conducted an interview with many docents. All this occurred after the announcement of the governor with this temporary raise. The pay raise will starting in July 2022 and last until September  2024.

    According to the teachers, the protests came with an ultimatum from the government “Don’t do it again!” said governor Pedro Pierluisi.

    Laboy explained that the calling for this justice just echoes in all the schools the necessity of a dignified retirement for all teachers. She also insisted the magistrate has woken up. Especially to the injustice that they face and the economical crisis facing their families and communities.

    Derogatory Remarks

    “No one here is obliged to be a police officer or a firefighter, but those who dedicate themselves to that vocation have to assume this great responsibility. And if for any reason they question whether you should continue to do so. Either because the pay isn’t what you expect or the working conditions aren’t what you expect. You don’t have to stay in that position. Now, if he remains in that position – and I am speaking on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico – he has to do his duty. There are no alternatives”, highlighted the governor.

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