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    Big Lito And Benihana: HypeFresh Highlights Two Artist Brothers

    Brothers Big Lito and Benihana graces the press junket‘s foyer, greeting me before the event starts. The two are out of Houston, Texas, who are in love with life and their families. Though they’ve seen a lot, they are sure the best is yet to come.

    Lito and Benihana sit down with HypeFresh to share a short part of their story.

    HypeFresh Highlights Big Lito and Benihana

    Who is Big Lito and Benihana?

    Benihana: Benihana is a South Park artist, who go hard as sh**, and we real. Big Lito is my brother and we rocking. Just like that.

    Big Lito: He put it in the nip. We rock together, like literally. We’ve been through storms, trials, tribulation together. I remember when we was on that ground taking bullets together. We are that close.

    Tell me about your music.

    B: The music speaks for itself.

    BL: The music speaks for itself. We literally grew up in the same situation as other people. If you a young average black male, then 9 times out of 10, you’ve been in our situation.

    B: It’s relatable, and it’s real. You feel the pain in the music.

    BL: I lost my little sister at nineteen due to gun violence, she was with us too on that day.

    B: The song we did last night, the performance, it was dedicated to her.

    BL: We performed a song for my sister. That was beautiful.

    What projects do you have out right now?

    B: We gonna have something together for the future, but for right now, we are putting ourselves out there as two separate artists. Benihana makes Benihana music. Big Lito makes Big Lito music.

    What’s next for y’all?

    BL: The world. This is our beginning. We virgins to stuff like this. This is our second day at this as you can tell, yesterday was our first. We will be doing a lot more of this and more stuff like this. Hopefully, if the Lord says so.

    Where can they find you?

    B: You can find me at @benihana.baby9 and YouTube.

    BL: @therealbiglito on instagram and Facebook. Big Lito on all music platforms.

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