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    L.O.U.D. Muzik Press Junket: HypeFresh’s Interview With Kyee

    At The L.O.U.D press junket, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kyee, a singer from Dallas, Texas.

    L.O.U.D Press Junket: HypeFresh’s Interview With Kyee

    Who is Kyee?

    Kyee: Kyee is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, performer, fashion lover, actress, anything creative. I’m goofy, I love music, all kinds of music. I love to see people smile, make people smile. I’ve been told my music is warm. I aspire for my platform and my music to go beyond music. I have a god sister, she’s a math teacher. She building a curriculum for adolescents, she wants to build a school. I want to use my platform to endorse that, spread a message of love, hope, continuing and not giving up.

    A lot of little boys and girls live in one parent homes, just sending them love. I’m okay with being a role model, I know that’s what I’m purposed to do with my music. That’s who I am through that. So, I love to laugh and make people laugh.

    Tell us about your artistry.

    K: So right now, it’s developing and transcending. That’s why I always wear butterflies, because I feel like everyday is a rebirth. My artistry and who I am is evolving. Right now my artistry is R&B, pop, soul fusion. It’s very light and colorful. My vocals bring like a warm vibe to it. So, that’s what I’m doing. My new project is called, No Days Off. No Days Off is a mindset, not necessarily everyday you’re killing yourself in that you’re doing. But just having that mindset of consistency, discipline and dedication to whatever you choose to do.

    More On The Artist

    What is your project about?

    K: No Days Off is a 5 song EP. The first song is called LMSM, which is love me, show me. The second song is called Stuck in Love, the third is No Days Off, fourth is I’m Down and the last is called Let It Ride. It goes through this kind of light love story, where it’s not hitting all the what ‘makes’ y’all in love.

    But it’s hitting all the climatic parts within a relationship. Basically, the first song is demanding more out of a someone, like you have to show me, from there, I told you that. I’m telling you that, and now we got that out of the way— Stuck In Love is right where you make that choice. Am I going to be stuck, or am I going to choose be all in? Are you going to choose to be all in? Or are we going to go our separate ways. In this love story, we decided to stay down, we gonna commit, we gonna tie it down.

    What’s next for you?

    K: To do an album, a video, I want to album to be a real life movie. I want every video to align with the story and for you guys to really see and feel the story behind it, deeper than the music and the lyrics. Be on the look out. I’m a very well-rounded, versatile artist. I just like to put my hands in almost everything. I want to explore, travel the world. Meet all the creatives I can meet. Create a collective.” Y’all follow me at @kyeemusic, especially on instagram to check out my music.

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