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    The amount of disses that Kendrick Lamar has yet to respond to

    Kendrick Lamar. King K Dot. A rapper who can make the perfect rhyme to compel his listeners to think critically and spin an intricate web of complex narratives. However, as the king, he can seldom traverse the landscape of rap beef untangled. He is known to provide a seething response in a blistering verse but sometimes … says nothing. Lets discuss more about Kendrick Lamar unreplied disses in this editorial piece.

    This report dives into the diss tracks and feuds Kendrick Lamar has yet to officially respond to, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next move.

    Kendrick Lamar unreplied disses-

    • Big K.R.I.T.: 10 years earlier, Big K.R.I.T.’s track “Mt. Olympus” was his answer to Kendrick’s famous verse on Big Sean’s “Control.” You know that verse where K.Dot named out a bunch of competition? Yeah, K.R.I.T. was second. Still, no reaction from Kendrick’s individuals.

    • Hopsin: The level of disrespect reached its peak when Hopsin dissed both Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar in his 2013 track “Hop Is Back.” While Kanye replied with a diss song of his own, Kendrick chose to keep his mouth shut.

    The Drake Debacle

    Now, let’s get to the big one: Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s big feud. This beefy rivalry goes way back to 2011. More or less, Drake gave Kendrick a nice platform in his Take Care album and put him on tour. However, 2013 is way different. For that time, Kendrick’s verse in “Control” disses Drake to a newfound low.

    Long story short, both had their cool-down period. But then, suddenly … Kendrick verse on “Like That”. Drake decides to clap back with “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle” . To make things even worse, the song features AI Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

    J. Cole Gets Caught in the Crossfire

    Oh, and let’s not forget J. Cole. Kendrick’s “Like That” verse took aim at him too, seemingly responding to their collaborative track “First Person Shooter.” J. Cole? Radio silence.

    So, what’s Kendrick’s strategy here? Is this the calm before the lyrical storm? The ultimate high road move? Only time will tell.

    From Big K.R.I.T. to Drake, Kendrick Lamar unreplied dissess waiting for a response. Will he stay silent or unleash a lyrical counter-attack that will have the hip-hop world buzzing? One thing’s for sure: this rap beef report is far from over.

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