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    Drake dissed Rihanna & A$AP Rocky on ‘FAMILY MATTERS’

    Drake’s “Family Matters” Sparks Feud with Kendrick Lamar, Disses Rihanna & A$AP Rocky

    However, the evolving world of hip-hop saw Drake’s latest song “Family Matters” attempting to pass, igniting a heated debate with Kendrick Lamar. It was produced 45 minutes before Lamar’s “Meet The Grahams.” On a Saturday morning in May 4th at 4:15 p.m., the conflict sing-along rattled the music landscape.

    Drake is a featured artist on the song, which pits him against Lamar. Other big-name artists are Apple of Discords, as well. They are Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Future, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, and Rick Ross.

    This is not the first time Drake has supposedly been aiming his lines at Rihanna. On the For All the Dogs album, users analyzed the lyrics to try to figure out what deconstructed Fear of Height ” could pertain to . Drake has never had a congenial rapport with Rihanna. Everyone’s familiar with the on-again, off-again “relationship” between the two of them, but Rihanna disclosed back in 2018 that she and her ex don’t speak, but they’re also not mad at each other.

    With Family Matters, Drake also targeted A$AP Rocky directly. He also said his music was “midd”. The rapper used mockingly the nickname “Fring,” meaning that the musician is more famous for his fashion show than for his music.

    The Drake and Kendrick Lamar have a history. They have released diss tracks at each other before. However, “Family Matters” introduces an entirely new and vibrant backstory in their rivalry. Drake and Lamar did not comment on the feud, only their lyrics suggested they were at war. As a result, the fans and industry players indulged in the debate.

    The bigger picture of the feud matters. It continues to rekindle the controversy of Drake versus Kendrick Lamar. At the same time, it generates concern about the connections between Drake, Rihanna, and A$AP Rocky. The new diss track raises the level of their rivalry. In addition, the feud unleashes a professional war disguised as a personal affair.

    Like all rap battles, different people can perceive the songs differently. As usual, much depends on the official statements of the artists or their representatives. However, it’s possible a fire on one of them, because “Family Matters” is already embroiled in a real confrontation. Thus, the dynamics of the history of the genre are likely to be more explosive.

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