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    Live Your Dream: Book the Iconic House from “Up” on Airbnb!

    A Balloon-Fueled Fantasy: Unveiling the Myth of the Airbnb “Up” House

    Many Disney-Pixar fans dreamed of staying in the fictional home of Carl Fredricksen from Up while soaring through the clouds. So, it is easy to understand that the announcement that Airbnb wants to give them such an opportunity caused a furor. However, do not plan to take your squirrel-shaped backpack and bring your adventurous spirit to the adventure yet.

    The charming replica based in Abiquiu, New Mexico, is truly a vision to behold. The detail is staggering, ranging from a ragged and well-traveled adventure book to Dug’s small, comfy dog bed. Truly, the replica would transport all who enter to the warm, heartfelt world of the animated movie Up. The biggest spectacle, of course, was the 8,000 colorful balloons fatalistically connected to their anchors.

    As fun as it sounds to actually fly just like Carl and Russell, that might be a lost cause. While Airbnb used to indeed provide a similar experience, its reality is a bit less in the sky. In 2017, the platform presented its “Icons” collection, which included listings from famous movies . One of them was, of course, the Up house – or rather, the house with balloons.

    This part of the fantasy actually happened, but only up to the part where the house couldn’t lift off. The balloons were purely decorative and had no other purpose. Additionally, guests could not simply book a night in the house. Instead, they had to participate in a draw or some competition to win the chance to stay there.

    So, it must be undoubtedly exciting to go on a “Up” house vacation with balloon power. However, that is not possible on Airbnb.

    Nevertheless, this fact does not make this idea less creative and less warm for those who storied such an adventure. Yet, not everything is possible. The future brings a lot of available opportunities. And who knows, maybe in the future, even reality will be able to see “Up” floating house if technology reaches new heights. While waiting for such an episode, the only thing that fans can do is only rewatching the film, admiring the replica, and hoping to find the other magical presentations from Airbnb.

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