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    New Rules Revealed for Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul

    On the 20th of July, boxing legend Mike Tyson will have a professional bout against YouTube sensation Jake Paul. Netflix will stream live the event that will take place at the 80,000 seater AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas . The official announcement indicated that the event will be sanctioned under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

    Even though from earlier speculations, it was an exhibition match, the most recent announcement confirmed that it is a professional fight. According to his twitter account where he posted, “. Tyson wanted it to be a pro fight. Netflix wanted it to be a pro fight. So I agreed to make it a pro fight. Winner takes all.”

    The standards for the fight have been recognized: eight rounds of two minutes, 14-ounce gloves, no headgear, or exclusion of knocks. This is not a display for the cowardly. Tyson, 58, is making a splendid comeback to professional boxing. He had last fought as a pro in 2005. The champ showcased a punishment due to his age, high-intensity preparation, and discipline on the whole body system, including the abstinence from sex and cannabis.

    Across the ropes from another side, there have so far been nine fights in the career of Jake Paul, also known as the YouTuber who turned into a professional boxer. A story remarkable. The stakes are nigh. The victor of this fight between the two stars will substantially alter the record of both athletes.

    Incidentally, Tyson once ended his career with a record of 50-6-2 but subsequently reemerged twice — once for a split split and once for an exhibition. Paul, on the other hand, has already partaken in nine professional fights, and his bosom includes victory over such names as an NBA player and other internet celebrities. It will be Gribbo vs. Frazier but nonetheless hard and pleasing for your eye.

    As Jake Paul once mentioned, “Winner takes all.” Get ready as on the 20th of July, all around the globe the fight begins taking the winner.

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