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    Beer-Making Monks + Water Recycling = Eco-Friendly Party!

    Before we begin, let’s toast this story in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

    Koningshoeven Abbey in the Netherlands, one of only 12 places on Earth that brews Trappist beer, recently addressed an environmental problem caused by their distilleries. This problem…water waste.

    According to The Guardian, The Cistercian monastery in Western Europe built a plant-based water filtration system for their brewery. This process avoids them wasting seven liters of water for every liter of beer they manufacture.

    So let me get this straight. They built a brewery inside their monastery AND they care about the environment. These have got to be the coolest fucking monks on the planet!

    Father Isaac, a worker from the brewery, prays the technology will work:

    “We are praying seven times a day to praise the Lord for his creation, but we were not working in the right way to stop pollution. We have had to translate our faith into sustainability.”

    However, its mission doesn’t end there. Father Isaac also talks about his plan to “purify human wastewater to turn it into drinking water.” Well…I don’t know about all that, but good on you for trying.

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