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    #AskSonic Twitter Takeover with Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith

    #AskSonic Twitter Takeover with Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite characters would sound like answering your most curious questions?

    The wondering is over. Below, is all the information needed for you to participate with your favorite franchise characters.  Which, may result in you getting your question answered in character.

    Roger Craig Smith

    @sonic_hedgehog has taken over Twitter to answer your questions. Additionally, Roger Craig Smith made the announcement this morning. For those who are unaware, Roger Craig Smith is an American voice actor and does the voices of our favorite characters, Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman and more from the video game, Sonic the hedgehog. Accordingly, to have your questions answered by your favorite characters, make sure to address them to @sonic_hedgehog with the hashtag #asksonic.

    In the post on Twitter, Roger Craig Smith made note to the many voices he does including Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Tails, and even yacker. Well, do you have a favorite Sonic the hedgehog character? Which one is your favorite?

    It’s that time again! Join us this Wednesday at 10am Pacific as Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman, Shadow, and Yacker take over our Twitter to answer your questions! (No – Shadow isn’t in Sonic Colors: Ultimate – but we invited him anyway!)

    SONIC Twitter Takeover is Live!

    As of now, Roger Craig Smith is live and answering your most burning sonic the hedgehog questions. Remember to use the hashing #asksonic and direct your questions to @sonic_hedgehog to secure a chance to have your question answered live on Twitter. Good luck! What will you ask?

    In Character Answers

    Initially, Shadow welcomed us to provide our questions involving him. Unfortunately, for him,  he was interrupted and informed that the Sonic Takeover will not be a solo endeavor. Alas, Shadow must share the spotlight with the other Sonic characters.

    First, let’s dive in to those questions. Shall we?


    Question: Tails, it’s been a while since you had to carry Sonic so much. I’m sure it’s exhausting. Is it challenging to lift him every time he falls?

    Tails: I’ve been working out…

    2. Question: sonic, What’s your favorite movie. Besides the Sonic movie?

    Tails: as if he could sit through an entire movie…

    3. QUestion: Does yacker wink or blink?

    Shadow: He blinks.

    Sonic: i’m with shadow, here. The little guy 9nly has one eye so he blinks.

    Tails: Now, now let’s not be hasty. It’s all about intent. …


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