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    Comic-Con 2023: The Hottest New Figures and Collectibles Revealed

    Comic-Con 2023! A trip to Comic-Con is less about attending a big panel and scoring celebrity autographs. It’s more about checking out all the cool new toys, posters, and other collectibles. Each year, companies reveal a ton of stuff unique to the event. From epic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets to a reimagined Shredder in a can of Chef Boyardee.

    Comic-Con 2023

    Some of the biggest reveals came from Hot Toys, which introduced a line of sixth-scale Star Wars figures at the show. Anakin Skywalker, in his Jedi Starfighter, Wicket the Ewok, Kit Fisto, and Clone Commander Cody, joined the party. They appear in a sculpted collection that will have fans reliving dramatic moments from the movies.
    Hot Toys also took a look back at some of its other franchises. There’s a Batman transparent armory set with Bruce Wayne from the Tim Burton movies, as well as a figure of the Joker in his classic purple costume. The company also revisited the OG version of Spider-Man with this movie-accurate incarnation. A sixth-scale figure of Iron Man from the first Avengers film will also shock and awe.
    On the Star Wars side, Hot Toys also unveiled a new Stormtrooper Commander in his second-season armor. Also, a figure of Boba Fett in his Mandalorian outfit and a display base. Other first-time reveals included Luke in Bespin gear before his encounter with Darth Vader. As well as a sand-covered R5-D4 with an interchangeable motivator and two very dusty Jawas looking to make a deal.
    Some of the most anticipated revelations at Comic-Con 2023 were canceled due to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike. Other studios still plan on making appearances. Polygon reports that Sony Pictures will not host a panel. Universal Products & Experiences and Amblin Entertainment will have an on-the-ground Jurassic Park activation.
    Netflix will reportedly skip the event altogether. DC will likely be there to promote its upcoming slate of films, including James Gunn’s Dune sequel.
    For a more personal touch, artist and sculptor Jesse Schedeen will be at Comic-Con to unveil his latest work. His Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse mural is an immersive piece. I will display it in the convention’s main room, and it will be available as both lithograph and canvas prints.
    Another fan favorite is a new Mondo poster by illustrator Alex Ross. The Marvel fan favorite reimagines all of the Avengers in a psychedelic style, and his booth is sure to draw tons of attention.
    Many comic conventions have dedicated areas for cosplayers or people who dress up as characters from a film or TV show. These spaces are often run by not-for-profit associations and feature panels with speakers. They can be a great place to meet fellow fans and make connections with other people who share your interests, as well as get some tips from seasoned cosplayers. They may also be a place to score some exclusive art and merchandise.


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