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    Kanye West in the Studio with Rising Star 4Batz

    Kanye West has recently been sighted in the studio with the burgeoning star, 4Batz. The move has many people talking, but the pair have crossed paths before.

    4Batz, known in real life by the name Neko Bennett, has brought an outburst in the music world with his soulful melodies and hip hop flows. Many people describe his music as an interesting mix of The-Dream poured over a pitched-up Brent Faiyaz, and it is true: his vocals differ from anything heard in modern music – a low/mid pitch style clashing with melodic alternative R&B beat layers. His tracks “Act II: Date @ 8”, “Act I: Stickerz “99” and “Act III: On God? (she Like)” have brought him fame and an impressive fan base.

    Interestingly, this collaboration comes on the heels of 4Batz’s recent deal with Drake’s label, OVO Sound. This has led to some spirited reactions from fans, curious about where 4Batz’s loyalty lies. However, the anticipation for the music they’re creating in the studio is palpable.

    Kanye West has previously referred to 4Batz as his favorite new artist. Therefore, the young talent has a lot to prove, and the snippet of Kanye’s verse in the remix of “Act III: On God?” in which 4Batz appears validates their excitement even more.

    The fact is that we still have no idea of a confirmed Kanye West and 4Batz project. However, since 4Batz released his first EP titled “U Made Me A St4r” on April 5 th , fans are already praying for some new collabs.

    Kanye West and 4Batz are in studio together prove the fluctuating nature of the music industry. Music supersedes the other entities, and this reminder keeps fans yearning for more harmonious collaborations. Waiting for the symphony they will produce, it is no doubt the world is ready to dance to Kanye West and 4Batz’s single beat. Stay tuned for more!

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