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    Why Are So Many Rappers Dying Young?

    Ever wonder why rap artists die young?

    The sudden death of a rapper always leaves fans in shock. They usually die via murder or a drug overdose. The loss of an artist is tragic and usually leaves behind a void that they can’t fill.


    The murder of Takeoff once again brought up the conversation about the high mortality rate of Black men in the rap industry. Many have started to use the hashtag #BlackMenDeserveToGrowOld to discuss the issue. Some think rap culture must change to prevent these men from dying young. They are 100% correct.

    One of the biggest reasons why rap artists die young is because they are often drug abusers. The life of a rapper is full of stress, and it’s not uncommon for people in the hip-hop industry to turn to drugs as an unhealthy way of coping with their problems.

    Rappers are constantly pressured to perform and meet certain expectations. The pressures of their jobs can push individuals toward developing substance addictions as a coping mechanism for dealing with stress.

    Another reason why rappers die young is because they are involved in gangs or gang violence. It’s no secret that the rap scene is filled with gangs and gang activity, and some rappers get caught up in it and are often killed due to their involvement.

    Sometimes, rappers can also get killed by jealous people in their hometowns. A crab in a bucket mentality exists in the ghetto, and when someone becomes a shining star, it can cause jealousy amongst certain people who may want to see them fail.

    Rappers are also often killed because of lousy management companies and managers. They usually have poor business skills and can make bad decisions that can cost them their lives. For example, Lil Peep’s manager, Belinda Mercer, and FAE are charged with wrongful death charges for supplying him with the drugs that led to his overdose.

    The final reason why rappers die young is because of health issues. Rappers are known to live a very unhealthy lifestyle, and they often don’t have access to adequate healthcare. This is especially true for rappers from low-income families, and it can be a leading cause of their early deaths. The loss of a rapper is always sad.

    It’s even more heartbreaking when they die at such a young age. They often have so much potential, and their loss devastates their fans. The unfortunate truth is that it’s not just young black rappers who are dying young. The trend will continue until something changes.

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