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    How Many Rappers Were Killed in 2022?

    Every year, it just might get more dangerous to be a professional rapper! 2022 alone has claimed the lives of 7 rappers. This is incredibly sad news, but some will still argue that hip-hop artists seek out violence by bragging about their hometowns and being proud of their guns!

    Most recently, gun violence ended the short but prolific life and career of Migos’ rapper, Takeoff. The rapper’s death seems to have particularly devastated the hip-hop community as all of the Migos share a web of close ties in the hip-hop world. Takeoff’s death was also particularly gruesome due to the seemingly random nature of his attack. Commentary and video footage from the night of the shooting reveal that Takeoff was most likely an innocent bystander hit by shots that were most likely not intended for him.

    Takeoff is a celebrated artist who will be remembered for his talent. The same cannot be said, unfortunately, for all rappers who are killed by guns. There seems to be no sympathy for this serially victimized population. Despite the association between rappers and gangs, not all shooting victims are gang affiliated. In fact, many rappers are dealing with the same struggles we all face! Trouble was shot in his girlfriend’s apartment by someone who did not know him, and it is believed that Archie Eversole was shot by his own brother.

    It seems that when it comes to taking out rappers, all is fair! The element of surprise is perhaps a killers’ strongest offensive move. Snootie Wild was found in a ditch. Car backed into ditch accidentally. Another vehicle arrived, people got out. Houston officer’s statement.

    JayDaYoungan’s father claims his son and him were ambushed while sitting on their own front porch. TMZ reports, both were injured, but only JayDaYoungan’s injuries were fatal. Jealousy is believed by his father to be the gunmen’s main motivation. A common motivator, no doubt. It is believed that PnB Rock also died as the result of jealousy or even greed. His death was most likely a robbery taken way too far.

    Of course, issues like gang violence and income inequality are not uniquely American problems. Yes, 6 out of 7 rap murders in 2022 did occur in the United States. The one exception is Sidhu Moose Wala, an Indian rapper. Many aspects of the late rappers’ life mirror the lives of generations of American rappers. Moose Wala was criminalized for his pro-gun lifestyle. Moose Wala was also ambushed in a surprise attack.

    Some rappers are simply putting on a performance, but the act is authentic for many, many more. Rap is a way of life for kids coming from trying circumstances. Considering all of the surprise hits and attempted robberies. Why are rappers targets? And, are those who target rappers cowards?


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