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    What Would The End Of Twitter Mean For The Culture

    It may be the end of Twitter as we know it. BoyzIIMen was ahead of their time when they said, “It’s so hard to say goodbye”. Because I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life if Twitter goes down. For example, what am I supposed to do at work now? I hope y’all don’t expect me to be productive. Twitter played an essential role in popular culture, and I can’t imagine a world without it.

    Say Goodbye

    Ever since Elon Musk bought the majority of Twitter stocks, shit has hit the fan. The app has gone through so many changes that it doesn’t even feel like the same app we know and love. Not only did the new features upset the longtime fans. But the entire shift of power completely messed up the staff, too. They have had such a crazy turnover rather with multiple firings and resignations. Word on the street is that the app could be soon seeing its last days due to the small staff.

    I don’t think Elon or anyone on the staff understands the importance of Twitter on the culture, especially Black people with Black Twitter Even though sometimes it can be unreliable, for the most part, we look at Twitter at as a news source. No longer are people waking up and checking the newspaper. But instead, they’re going straight to Twitter to stay updated. Not only that, but Twitter allows people to receive live updates, something which is almost unheard of.

    What will happen to Twitter? All the outstanding features made Twitter untouchable. To me, by far it’s the best social media app. The proof is in the pudding. Anytime I see a meme on Facebook or Instagram, it’s always something that I have seen prior on Twitter. There’s no denying that Twitter was the superior app.

    Keeping Hope Alive

    Hopefully, nothing happens to Twitter, and it continues to see the light of day. But it’s never a good sign when half of the employees of a company quit. I wouldn’t consider myself tech-savvy, but I know for a fact that a website that big won’t survive with a small staff.

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