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    Black Twitter Slams White Roddy Ricch Fans For Saying The N-Word

    Roddy Ricch may be one of the hottest new stars on the block right now. Furthermore, the young star rose to fame for his hit song “The Box” and has been climbing the charts ever since. Even better, he’s had the opportunity to perform his hit song at live summer concerts throughout 2022.

    Recently, he performed “The Box” at The Wireless Festival in London. Unfortunately, the energy from the festive crowd didn’t resonate well with Black Twitter. A viral video clip showed white concertgoers rapping-along to the song, even saying the N-word.

    The White Concertgoers Mess Up

    Black Twitter
    via XXL Mag

    Unfortunately, Roddy Ricch’s concert in London over the weekend ended in racial strife. Furthermore, the BBC uploaded video footage of white concertgoers at The Wireless Festival unabashedly rapping to Roddy Ricch’s “The Box.” Even worse, many of them said the N-word. They do not get an N-word pass. Rap music may be unapologetic. However, there are some words that shouldn’t be said in songs, including the N-word. Arguably, no one should use the word in any capacity.

    Black Twitter Calls Them Out

    Black Twitter
    via Tunefind

    For understandable reasons, the clip hasn’t been received well by many users. Furthermore, several users noted that seeing their favorite black rap star perform live, in front of a majorly white crowd, scared them. Moreover, others threatened to fight the white concertgoers, if they ever met in person or online. Oddly enough, a fraction of users had the audacity to downplay the whole ordeal.

    Fortunately, Black Twitter shut them down real quick. Hopefully, that the young rap star speaks out against the incident.

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