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    Elon Musk Urged To “Turn Off His Phone” After Controversial Tweet

    Last week, CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk tweeted the phrase “Pronouns suck”. It was very random and confusing coming from him. However, we do know he has been in close contact with Kanye West these past couple weeks. This might have influenced him to tweet such a thing.

    Elon and his partner Grimes recently gave birth to a baby named X Æ A-Xii in May. They said that the reason they gave the child that name was because they didn’t want the individual to feel pressured into either gender. Grimes felt that the gender of the baby should be private and up tp the child themselves. 

    Many people who don’t identify with their sex assigned at birth, use pronouns to identifty as the gender of their choice. So, for Elon to tweet something like that having a gender-less baby and a non-binary girlfriend, is very hypocritical. 

    Immediately after Elon tweeted that, Grimes replied, “I love you but please turn off ur phone or give me a call. I cannot support hate. Please stop this. I know this isn’t your heart.” This public exchange of tweets was extremely odd. Grimes later deleted her reply to Elon.

    Apparently, later the couple unfollowed each other on Twitter. As of now, we do not know where the couple stands. 

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