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    Actor, Artist Vigilante Becomes Atlanta’s Star In Celebrity Boxing, Award Nominations

    Get ready to witness the rise of extraordinary talent in Atlanta. This actor and artist, known as Vigilante, is set to make his debut in celebrity boxing and has been earning accolades along the way.

    Vigilante’s passion for boxing ignited when he set his sights on landing a role in Creed 3. Months of dedicated training caught the attention of the entire boxing community.

    Inspired by the success of the Paul brothers and the lucrative opportunities in the sport, Vigilante saw the potential for himself. Soon after, Celebrity Boxing’s CEO, Damon, extended an invitation to join their upcoming event.

    Excitedly, Vigilante partnered with Sankofa Athletics and showcased his improved boxing skills through captivating videos.

    However, this intimidated potential opponents, and he found himself back at square one when he couldn’t secure a match with Damon.

    However, fate had different plans for Vigilante when UCB (Ultimate Celebrity Boxing) extended an offer for him to headline the main event and compete for the title in his debut celebrity boxing match.

    Mark your calendars for November 5th in Orlando, Florida, where the excitement will unfold.

    For a dose of inspiration and to stay updated on Vigilante’s journey, follow his Instagram account @Vigilantelom.

    Catch him on Snapchat and Twitter @VigilanteLom to learn how you can contribute to his community efforts.

    And don’t miss out on his music, interviews, promotional visuals for upcoming movies, and industry advice on his YouTube channel.

    In the world of acting, Vigilante is known as Remarcus Steele. Keep track of his movie and television credits on IMDB:




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