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    Ukraine: What’s Going On And The Urgency To Help African Students

    THE URGENCY TO HELP AFRICAN STUDENTSThe world is in shambles as war approaches. The dilemma at hand— Russia is invading Ukraine by land, air and sea. According to BBC, troops are bombing several centers, keying in on the capitol city of Kyiv.

    Ukraine is a European democracy of 44 million people. According to Atlantic Council, Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe. It could be a very wealthy country, but there is an economic standstill between Ukraine and other countries like Poland or the Baltics.

    Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician, intelligence officer, prime minister and president. With Russia and Ukraine being neighbors, Putin, for months claimed that he would not attack Ukraine; however, he had a change of heart. Tearing up the peace deal, Putin unleashed “Putin’s War”, affecting north, east and south Ukraine. Demolition of an Armageddon throughout Ukraine, thousands being killed. Soem may wonder what is the reason for all of this.

    Why is Ukraine Being Attacked?

    Tensions loomed since 2014, following the Revolution of Dignity, focusing on the status of Crimea and parts of the Donbas. President Putin claims that modern Ukraine posed a threat to Russia. His “goal” is to protect people who are subject to bullying and genocide threats. Surely, he aimed to demilitarize and rid the country of “Nazi’s”. Certainly, this creates a war zone for innocent citizens all over the country. Although this is a war, Russian officials refuse to refer to it as so. One of the most devastating feats is that African students are stuck in the midst of absolute kamikaze.

    The Urgency to Help African Students

    As revealed by credible sources, African students are facing their own set of struggles on top of an invasion. Since last Thursday, African students have been scrambling to find refuge from death-staking conflict. According to DW, a few Nigerian students face racism while trying to crossover into Poland. The journey was far more difficult simply because of their dark skin tones. As disaster looms, African students face grave circumstances in efforts to flee the onset of a Russian war.

    “There is a lot of discrimination going on there.” Joseph, an engineering student tells reporters from DW of the circumstances. “We actually had to beg people to take us to the border so we could find a way to escape.”


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