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    Sukihana Drops Scorching “Cocaine” Diss Track Aimed at JT (Lyrics Analysis)

    There is a lot of chatter in the hip-hop world about the aftermath of Sukihana’s hot track against JT, entitled “Cocaine.” This, without a doubt, elevates their social media sparring to new heights. Let us now take a step back in time. It all began when Sukihana noticed that one line from JT’s song “Okay” was a thinly disguised jab at her missing veneer. (It shattered when she bit too hard into a crab leg in 2022.) JT denied, but things quickly devolved into accusations of unannounced birthday celebrations, problematic tweets, and more.

    Sukihana’s lyrics are also loaded with barbs directed not only at JT, but also at her boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert. The lyric ‘ You been hatin’ on Caresha since a baby ’ and the like hint that there has been a long-standing rivalry between JT and Yung Miami (Caresha), so the feud cannot be limited to recent spew with social media. However, they are also still more complicated.

    Sukihana also sees JT’s relationship with Lil Uzi as a potential target: she appreciates it as jealousy of another female rapper, Ice Spice, and even suspects Lil Uzi of infidelity. Ouch! This song paints a provocative image of a troubled relationship and insecurity lurking under the surface.

    Lines Aimed at JT and her boyfriend:

    "You been hatin' on Caresha since a baby" refers to JT's feud with fellow rapper Yung Miami, also known as Caresha.
    "You was mad at Ice Spice 'cause your nigga wanna fuck her" hints at a jealousy or rivalry situation involving JT and an artist referred to as "Ice Spice."
    "Your nigga only fuck wit' you because you look like a man" implies criticism towards JT's boyfriend, suggesting he's only with her due to her appearance.
    "Your nigga wanted to eat this sewer pussy right through my pants" implies a desire from JT's boyfriend for someone else, potentially the speaker.

    Sukihana starts throwing haymakers left and right, accusing JT of dabbling in drugs and secretly hating on her bestie and fellow rapper, Yung Miami — remember that “ Caresha ” line in “ Hustla?” She even insinuates suspicion of JT’s boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, being involved with someone else. There has to be more to this rivalry than what began on the internet. Are they defending a friend who doesn’t even need defending Yung Miami, or has there always been a deep-seated jealousy between these two women?

    Sukihana’s lyric “You ain’t no city girl, you a shitty girl” is repeated throughout the song to sound catchy and hurtful. She compares JT to City Girls, a popular rap duo, to emphasize the negativity of her listener. It shows the competitive side of the female rap game, where women are always compared to each other.

    This whole thing started on Twitter, and it goes to prove how social media can fan the flames of these celebrity feuds. Every tweet, every diss track, is just pouring more gasoline over the fire. However, it’s not all fun and games; it can take a toll on the artists themselves, and more importantly, their fans. 

    With JT’s radio silence only growing and growing louder, the whole community is watching her move. Will she strike back with a more defiant track, or will they make peace in the end?

    This is only the most recent chapter in the Sukihana-JT saga. But whatever happens, we’ll all be here to keep you updated on the best of them: every tweet, every jab on social media, and, of course, every track that follows.

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