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    The Game Drops Bombs on Rick Ross in “Freeway’s Revenge” Diss Track

    Here we going again! The Game, a seasoned MC known for his sharp tongue, has just released a diss track that has everyone talking. It’s called “Freeway’s Revenge,” and it’s directed right at Rick Ross. 

    This isn’t the first time the two have clashed swords. Apparently, things got heated because of Ross’s past beef with Drake. The veteran MC had been trading jabs with The Boss in the run-up to the diss track’s release. And that’s not everything! It is in the middle of a larger hip-hop battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

    In “Freeway’s Revenge,” The Game goes in hard. The rapper fills it with as many bars that make fun of the real gangster’s name while mocking Ross’s weight, health and past job as a correctional officer in Florida. He also takes a jab at the ongoing beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, so there are layers to this diss.

    Let’s try to dig deep into the lyrics:

    The lyrics of “Freeway’s Revenge” by The Game contain multiple direct references aimed at Rick Ross:

    "Cut open his stomach and stuff bricks in it" suggests violence towards Rick Ross, implying a brutal act of revenge. 
    "You 12 lemon pepper wings from a heart attack" mocks Rick Ross' weight and eating habits, insinuating that he is at risk of a heart attack due to his lifestyle. 
    "You a C.O., that's the last time you had keys on" references Rick Ross's past as a correctional officer, attacking his credibility and street authenticity. 
    "You ain't sold no birds, you trolled the owl" accuses Rick Ross of fabricating his criminal persona and suggests that he has not been involved in the drug trade as he claims. 

    The lyrics also contain references to other individuals and events, adding layers of meaning:

    Mentions of DJ Akademiks and Kai Cenat, as well as Drake and Kendrick Lamar, suggest The Game's awareness of current rap beefs and his desire to involve himself in the action. 
    "Ask Budden 'bout his brief encounter with King Kong" alludes to Joe Budden's past conflicts and potentially hints at unresolved issues within the hip-hop community. 
    Kendrick Lamar (K-Dot): The line “This ain’t the Kendrick beef, my Drac’ sing songs” seems to be a reference to Kendrick Lamar, also known as K-Dot. The Game is suggesting that his conflict with the person he’s addressing in this song is different from any beef he might have had with Kendrick Lamar. He also mentions Kendrick in the line “My K-Dot shit, I don’t have to turn the beam on,” suggesting that he doesn’t need to resort to violence when dealing with Kendrick.

    But this is not all. This is not just a lyrical showdown. The Game has clowning the entire weekend on the internet, too. He posted a very nice picture of an AI drawing of Rick Ross as a cop who steals a bucket of chicken wings … as he’s chubby … again, it’s all about his weight . His comments about Ross having “skinny legs” and “Wingstop being closed on Mondays” because Ross hasn’t responded yet just add to the comedic effect.

    AI generated photo of Rick Ross

    It’s a promising sign that hip-hop is still very much alive. Even this diss track from The Game only enhances what has already been a competitive year in the music industry. Will Rick Ross reply after hearing what the Game had to say? Will it restart the Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s conflict? Who knows but one thing is for sure: the rap game is about to get messy and it’s about to get fun. 

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