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    Putin is at it again! The Russian President Vladimir Putin Tests Highly Destructive Intercontinental Missiles

    Russian President Putin Tests “Advanced” and highly destructive Intercontinental Ballistic Missile to evaluate the performance of its nuclear arsenal. Many are wondering if Russia is planning even more war crimes in wake of this new practice. Look like the infamous Russian tyrant is at it again. What does this mean for the war?

    Putin is at it again!

    A combat crew carried out the launch of an ICBM at the Kapustin Yar test site in Russia’s Astrakhan region. The ICBM targeted a mock target at the Sary-Shagan training ground in Kazakhstan.

    The test occurs as Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons in the ongoing Ukrainian situation.

    He has also vowed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus, threatening the European Union with a devastating weapon that could kill millions of civilians.

    Iran in secret talks with China, Russia to acquire sanctioned missile fuel — Politico

    Iran produces enough missile fuel for itself, if this is true it probably means Iran is going to sell a large quantity of missiles to a particular country.

    So it wants to replenish its stocks.

    — Iran Observer (@Iranobserver01) APRIL 12, 2023

    Russian President Tests New Missiles

    Nevertheless, despite his efforts, a lot of common Russians are growing more and more terrified of the threat that war with Ukraine poses to their nation.

    A survey by the Levada Center, an independent research group, found that 62% of participants were worried about a potential Russian attack on Ukraine.

    In what seems to be a clear signal of readiness for a potential conflict with Ukraine, Russia has reportedly conducted a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) equipped with nuclear capabilities, as confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry.

    What does this mean for the war?

    A Russian military exercise that started on March 31st included the launch.

    All the time we hear how evil Vladimir Putin is.

    But then every time I see him talk, he’s more learned, sensible, straightforward, and honest than any US politician….

    — Richard (@ricwe123) APRIL 8, 2023

    The Yars ICBM system now replaces the Topol-ME missile, the first ICBM Russia built following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    It can also carry a number of low-yield nuclear warheads and also act as a decoy against antiballistic missile systems.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    The Kremlin Unveiled the new system in 2018, claiming it will improve the country’s hypersonic capabilities. It will be able to fly at up to Mach 27 and overcome any missile defenses, according to the defense ministry.

    The new “advanced” missiles

    As if it wasn’t deadly enough already, the Yars ICBM system can carry multiple nuclear warheads. Russian military will use them exercises over the coming months. It has a range of 8,300 kilometers and can hold a maximum of 12 low-yield nuclear warheads. It has new and improved systems to defeat anti-ballistic missile shields, and can carry a number of decoys for countermeasures.

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