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    Sexxy Red’s Deleted IG Story Leaks: New Music with Glorilla, JT, Ice Spice & Cardi B!

    Sexxy Red basically dropped an album’s worth of features in a now-deleted Instagram story: fresh off her XXL freshman front, “Pound Town” chart-topper shook the internet by saying Cardi B, GloRilla, Ice Spice, and JT were all on a track together. Is Sexxy Red forming a rap supergroup for her debut project, or is she just playing with the old hype machine? Well, get your helmets because we’re going over the clues, the guesses, and what all could mean for the future of female rap!

    Okay, let’s rewind for a sec. Lately, Sexxy Red’s been on a tear. Winning the XXL Best New Artist award was just a notch on an already successful year full of chart-toppers like Pound Town” alongside Tay Keith and “SkeeYee.” She’s already fought in on the celeb front here, working with rap royalty like Drake, Nicki Minaj (IYKYK), and a whole squad of other hits and beauties. It is no fluke, folks-sexxy red is a real competitor.

    So, how’d this whole collab frenzy start? According to Rap Alert, Sexxy Red posted a now-deleted Instagram story that sent fans into a frenzy. We’re talking Cardi B, GloRilla, Ice Spice, and JT – all allegedly on the table for Sexxy Red’s upcoming project. Can you imagine the fire these tracks would spit?

    But wait, there’s more! Yuriy Andriyashchuk seemingly confirmed the features with a post on his Instagram, showcasing a list of Sexxy Red’s upcoming tracks – and guess who’s listed? You guessed it – our dream team collab. And if that wasn’t enough, Juice Pop hopped on Twitter, speculating a full album rollout based on the deleted story. Talk about adding fuel to the fire!

    Now if we dissect the potential collabs, one rap queen at a time? GloRilla is already a winner of XXL, having recently linked up with Cardi B for “Tomorrow 2”. Ice Spice is coming for that Best Breakthrough Hip-Hop Artist and JT might reunite with GloRilla following their red-hot “F.N.F. Let’s Go Remix” with Latto. Cardi B, a superstar in her own right, when she proved she has fire chemistry with GloRilla.

    So, is Sexxy Red an ingenious marketer or a studio whizz creating the album of the century? Passes time to decide. However the one thing can occur as well: the whole world is drooling in expectation. This particular removed story may possess been a coincidence, but it is a publicizing bonanza. And it is thrilling to lead that this elaborates: maintain tuned because Sexxy Red is hosting something fabulous.

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